Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 Results Show

Group Number - I'm guessing Sonja choreographed this. However, I like it. Don't usually love her. It's very cool with the sheets coming off and all the jerky movement. And lots of fantastic pictures all over the stage. Very interesting.

Oooh. I'm totally wrong. Wade and Amanda Robson. We usually don't see Wade so often. He's got kind of an art theme going this season. I should have known from the costumes that it was Wade and Amanda. And I think it's great that Adam always remembers to give praise and comments to the choreographers.

Jakob & Ashleigh - safe
Karyn & Kevin - bottom 3
Ryan & Ellenore - safe (good job, America!)
Noelle & Russell - safe
Victor & Channing - bottom 3

I'm doing quite well so far!

Legacy & Kathryn - safe
Mollie & Nathan - bottom 3

I'm three for three. I can't remember the last time that happened. Go, me! *grin*

Guest Dancers - The SYTCYD Bollywood choreographer guy and a bunch of other people in beautiful clothing. (Annie - are you DYING?!?!) I defy you to watch a Bollywood dance like this and not be completely grinning at some point. It's way too fun and happy. (Cat! Get out of my head! I totally typed that before you said the same thing!)

Does anyone want to go see New Moon? I'm pretty sure Diggity won't go with me. *grin* As a Jacob fan, I feel obligated to see this one, even though this book is the one that made me so crazy I almost threw it out a window and never picked up another Stefanie Meyer book again. I've since read all of them. Including The Host, which I started and then also wanted to throw out a window. It's much better as an audio book, by the way.

Karyn - not sure if that's going to help her much
Kevin - same as Karyn
Channing - lots of kicks and frantic movement. It kind of worked. She seemed more motivated
Victor - great turns. Lots of turns though. They are amazing though. (Cat! Seriously!)
Mollee - I don't think that was choreographed very well. No routine requires more than one tumbling run. run-kick-run-arabesque-arial...
Nathan - Wow. His turns and the control he had coming out of them. Holy cow. That was great.

Fast forwarding through the girl with heavy eyeliner that is singing a song...

Mollee is safe. So is Karyn. Channing is going home. I'm a little surprised. I'm sure that is why Nigel gave his speech about basing the eliminations on everything up to this point.

Nathan is safe. Victor is safe, but is warned about the turning. Kevin is going home. Bummer. I liked him too. Not as much as Russell, but I like him.

Well, do we agree? Are we happy?


Staci said...

I am happy. I think it's ok. I think it's a little sad that the bird dance was so great and Channing still went home, but it's good. Nathan REALLY stepped it up for me with his solo. Loved it. I hate ball room solos. I am so glad Ashleigh didn't have to dance hers because her costume was so hiddeous, that 50s look meant some kind of fast retracting kicky solo that would make me want gag. I just paused Glee to come up here and comment. BTW, that group number was AWESOME. Do you know where Mia is this year???

Dana said...

Loved the group number. Might watch it again.

Wished Mollee would have gone home instead. The fact that she can do some gymnastics moves does not improve her dancing to me. But I still wanted more from Channing. Too bad, Boston.

I feel bad for Kevin going home, but that was in the cards soon enough.

Rob won't let me see New Moon without him because Jacob is his favorite too. We are planning on Saturday night - want to join up? I don't know what time yet, but I'm guessing around 7 or 8. Ohh, lets do Outback!

Emily said...

If you still haven't seeen New Moon by the time we get there I'll see it with you. I didn't love Kevin I'm glad he went home. I also don't love Karyn, I thought Channing was cuter but what do I know? Mollee really bugs me but it may just be the way she spells her name.

Heidi said...

I think Nathan is AMAZING and I hope he steps it up more---cuz I agree with Nigel---he has the potential to be the best dancer on that show!!!!

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