Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 Performance Show

Cat! Working the big hair, silver dress and backlight! Rawr! She's hosting SYTYCD in the UK as well right now. I can't believe she's even awake.

Aside - Ryan is becoming Dmitry with the shirtlessness and open shirts. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying...

Excellent Botox joke, Adam. Well done.

Ashleigh & Jakob - Hip Hop (choreography by Tabitha & Napoleon)
Oooh. I like this one. Good acting, great choreography. Loved the flip. I thought the text thing on the screen behind actually added something. They've been a little gimmicky with that screen, but that worked. Raves from the judges. Well deserved. I liked that.

Karyn & Kevin - Broadway (choreography by Spencer Liff)
Spencer Liff is a Broadway performer turned choreographer. I think he choreographed that pretty well. Very traditional Broadway stuff. But, I don't think they are performing very well. It's kind of boring. Also, I'm slightly surprised that Christina Applegate can sing. I was annoyed she was given a starring role on Broadway. I think they're going to be in the bottom 3 again. Poor kids.

Noelle & Russell - Foxtrot (choreography by Eddie Simon)
Again? Poor things. I hope Russell does a better job. That was a really cute routine. Noelle seems to be doing extremely well. Great music choice. (The new Michael Buble album is fabulous.) I thought they did really well with that routine. Judges agree. I think the thing that bothers me most about the foxtrot is that it sounds like it should be a fast dance like the jive and it's so SLOW.

Aside - Why is Nigel starting the comments tonight?

Channing & Victor - Jazz (choreography by Tyce Diorio)
I have it on good authority that Tyce is not a very nice person. I think knowing that makes me more annoyed when I watch him in introduction packages. I love this music. Bobby McFerrin is a genius. The cage is cool. I really liked that routine. They need to let Tyce do jazz and contemporary and keep him away from Broadway.

Kathryn & Legacy - Paso Doble (choreography by Tony Meredith)
I'm skeptical about this one. It was pretty good. The ending was a little rough, it seemed. That little arm gesture Legacy did as they went to break was annoying. The judges agree they did a good job on the routine.

Ellenore & Ryan - Contemporary (choreography by Travis Wall)
Loved that. That Travis can put a dance together. Loved the running jump into the turn. That was great. They danced it so beautifully. Raves from the judges. Well deserved raves. I'm glad Mary explained her Grandma's quote to Nigel. I was very confused. The judges LOVED it.

Just saw the Glee preview. VERY excited that Matthew Morrison is singing.

Mollee & Nathan - Pop/Jazz (choreography by Laurie Ann Gibson)
Sorry, Laurie. No chills here. I think it was the music. I also think that they may not practice enough. When they have unison moments, they are not exactly together. I think it is a maturity thing.

My bottom 3:
Karyn & Kevin
Channing & Victor
Mollee & Nathan

I'm sure that won't be the way it goes, but they were my least favorite three dances. What were your favorites? Least favorites?


Dana said...

I humbly disagree with Channing and Victor, though they still might end up in the bottom. I think Legacy needs to go though he's put up a great fight. His shoulders bugged me the entire dance. I lvoe Kathryn though. I would be okay if Mollee went home. She hasn't done anything for me.

I love love Jakob still and am willing to give Ashleigh applause despite her name spelling. I watched their dance twice.

Nigel is starting because Adam takes up too much time and Nigel was feeling left out. Just a thought.

I can't wait for Glee, though this shouldn't be admitted in public...

Staci said...

I am done with Mollee as well. I LOVED the Tyce number and LOVED the music, I was surprised Adam had a problem. It was the first time I didn't hate Channing, I thought she was great, though I would have liked to see Elenore do it. Loved the hip hop, I actaully thought Legacy was awesome duing the Doble I was really surprised and thought he performed well, though I agree his shoulders were a problem. I hated Lori-Ann's song choice. It didn't connect to the movement at all, I thought Nathan danced it better than Mollee so I was surprised by Nigel's comments. I also didn't love the Broadway number, it was boring to me. I am still a huge Russel fan, and a huge Kathryn fan. Oh, one more thought, I think this is first Travis Wall piece I loved. I thought it was brilliant. I really didn't like last years' with the necklace. I still like so many of the couples I couldn't pick who to vote for, so I will wait another week or two.

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