Wednesday, October 21, 2009

TV Night!

It's the "Green Mile" episode of SYTYCD tonight. I love that dancers handle themselves so well in situations like this. Of course they're disappointed, but they don't act like the AI singers when some of them get cut.

Loved the new credits with the Season 5 kids! Awesome.

I'm really glad they are showing some of the dancers that weren't profiled during the auditions. And hooray! Bianca the Tapper! And three kids from Utah! (Mollee, Ashleigh and Ryan) Looks like a great Top 20.

And Glee was so cute tonight. I would really like Matthew Morrisson to do more singing than rapping, but I loved all the dancing. And I'm thrilled the wife was no where to be seen in tonight's episode.


Dana said...

Agree on it all. Had to watch the SYTYCD intro twice to see who all was on it. nice that they put Phillip in. As much as I wanted the married couple to make it I was never that impressed with Ashleigh (what a UT spelling). I liked Ryan though. And I think it a pity they are going to encourage Mollee (is it the education system?) to sexy-it up. I like her dancing young like she is.

I missed the first part of Glee but caught the second half. I like some of the positive messages coming out. Makes me feel a little bit better about watching it...

Staci said...

This year it seems the dancers could slay most of the top twenty from last year. I am very excited. I was very disappointed about Paula, I wanted her to make it last year. Bummer. I don't think Ashleigh will last long, her personality seems a bit abrasive to me. Maybe she will prove me wrong. My early favs: Billy Billy Billy. Krump Man from Boston (can't remember his first name.)

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