Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Improv Everywhere - Grocery Store Musical

I follow the blog of a very creative, fantastic photographer in NYC named Katie Sokoler. She comes up with such great projects. Perhaps the best gig she has is as the photographer for a group called Improv Everywhere. I first heard about them on NPR and have checked in with their exploits periodically. It's awesome. Katie posted a blog about their latest mission. You must check it out if you have time:

Color Me Katie: Grocery Store Musical

Blog post from Improv Everywhere:

Grocery Store Musical

Some other favorite Improv Everywhere missions:

Surprise Wedding Reception

Subway Yearbook Photos

Human Mirror

And their most famous and most hilarious mission,

No Pants Subway Ride


Grammy said...

That was hilarious - thanks for posting about it.

Dana said...

Where do I sign up? Loved it.

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