Monday, August 31, 2009

A Tribute

Many of you out there have met my wonderful car, Miguel. His full name is Miguel Manuel Santa Fe. (We had a naming contest among my friends when I purchased him. We wanted a name that fit his personality and heritage as a Santa Fe. *grin*) My first car purchase as an adult, he and I have had many wonderful adventures together. Road trips, daily rides to school, driving members of the 2002 Savior of the World cast to the Conference Center...I'm quite attached to him.

As you might imagine, when Diggity suggested at the beginning of this year (after another large repair bill from Miguel's yearly inspection) that we should replace him, I balked. I was not keen to replace him. I did not want a car payment. I was fine, thank you. I may have refused to discuss the matter whenever Diggity brought it up.

Then, President Obama announced the CARS program.

And we found out that Miguel qualified as a "clunker." (Don't worry. I didn't tell Miguel. I didn't want to hurt his feelings with a label like that.)

And then we found out the CARS program was ending soon. So we looked. And we found a new car. And the new car arrived a couple of days ago, and today was the day we had to turn Miguel in so he could be crushed into sheet metal.

Poor Miguel.

I took a few pictures of Miguel in our driveway before we took him to the dealership this afternoon.


Front View

Rear View

Driver Side

I told G-Man we were taking mommy's car bye-bye and bringing home a new one, and he gave Miguel a hug. Awwwww...

Giving Mommy's Car a Hug

We brought home a Subaru Forester. My family drove Subarus until we got a minivan when I was in junior high. I like them, and I'm pretty excited. I was sad to see Miguel go, but I must admit, when the salesman was showing me the car (Auxiliary plug for my iPod! Functioning lighter plugs so I can actually charge my phone! A mute button for the stereo ON my steering wheel! And MORE!), I got more and more excited to have a new car.

Here's our new car (no name yet):

New Car

New Car Driver

New Car 2

Thanks, honey. I'm glad you insisted. And you even found a way to get me the seat warmers. I love you.

Any name suggestions?


Michelle said...

Paul Bunyan? You know, cause it's a Forester.

Grammy said...

Is it a boy or a girl? How about something short and sweet with no good reason for naming it that name like Steve or Sally. Or how about Handsome or Pretty becuase new cars are so pretty.

Jen said...

WOW....I would hardly classify that as a clunker! Gee whiz....our newest vehicle is a 1997!!! We also have a '93 and an '87...that still runs really well! I don't know if you read my blog, but I did a recent post about our "fleet" of junkers! I must say that I love the Subaru though ;) Good luck finding a suitable name. I'll put my thinking cap on :)

Stacie said...

Congrats!!! Beautiful new car!

We got an Acadia (used) back in February and the BEST thing we did was buy the good tough rubber mats for the floors. It has been a lifesaver with kids, plus it looks so nice! I'm just saying! I don't even know where Kyle found them. Online somewhere. But I highly recommend doing that!

Molly said...

Hello? It has to be named Subee. It just does.

Subee is very cute, by the way.

And R.I.P. shall be missed.

The Barlow Brigade said...

Love a Subaru- my Outback is like a tank.....congrats

LL said...

mmmm. Looking in the open car door, I can just SMELL it.
There is nothing better than a new car smell...(tied with new baby smell)
Congrats on the new car....
btw. LOVING G-man's outfit!

Ace said...

oooh. Miguel! I will miss you. Is this Forester a male or female?

Amanda said...

Paul Bunyan made me laugh, so I vote for that one.

Emily said...


Staci said...

I was thinking Oakley (for an oak tree) or Bambi (since he lived in a forest). What was the name of that tree in Lord of the Rings? Treebeard? Just throwing out suggestions.. Congrats!

Chris said...

Go with Nighthawk

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