Sunday, August 2, 2009

Store and Style

*If you read my photography blog, this is a duplicate post of what is there today. Just to let you know in case you already read it.

In May, some photos I took for the editors of Store and Style were part of their feature article on creative teacher gifts. My photos also accompanied another article by the fabulous Heidi Green on upcycling kids' clothing. It was such fun shooting the photos and I loved seeing which photos the editors chose to accompany the articles.

The new Store and Style for the month of August launched over the weekend, and this time I had the opportunity to write the feature article.

I adapted some of the tips I share in a basic photography class I've taught locally. Since teaching is my primary profession, I rely on the spoken word and visual examples when I'm sharing information. I enjoy writing, but I'm not accustomed to taking material I have taught in a class or lecture and translating it into the written word. Thanks to the fabulous Christine Vick, the article actually makes some sense. Thanks to Rebecca Wallace who combined my text and pictures and made the article flow so nicely.

If you've never visited Store and Style, take a moment and click over there. Be sure to check out their archives. Especially from last month. They have an interview with organizing maven Julie Morgenstern that is fantastic. There is new content at the beginning of every month, but additional tips are posted weekly, so be sure to check back. And you must be sure to register for their giveaways. Don't believe me? Click here to look at the beautiful, useful things they've already given away. That's what I love about Store and Style. They're about helping you create a simple, beautiful home and life.

If you've clicked through from Store and Style, welcome! I'm sharing more photography tips, sneak peeks from photo shoots, Holiday card previews and a possible giveaway later this month, so I hope you'll come back and visit again!


Grammy said...

Great article Macy - although you've explained these 3 points to me before it helped for some reason to read it and see the examples at the same time. Maybe it will sink in now - one can hope anyway :)

rebecca said...

Great article, Macy. I linked it to the RS blog. Perfect follow up to your classes.

Emily said...

Super article!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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