Thursday, July 30, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 6 Results Show

WHAT is Cat wearing? Good grief. Awful dress, awful makeup. Hate the hair. The shoes are cool, but that's about it. Yikes. I thought she looked amazing last night, and then tonight...yeeouch.

Opening Group Number - that was really beautiful. I used to hate that song until I had the chance to sing it. That song paired with the movement was really great. Very nice.

Girls results first. Jeanine is first, but Cat is making us wait until she talks with all the girls. And Jeanine is in the finale! Oh, I'm glad. Over the course of the whole season, she definitely deserves it.

We're bringing back the Emmy nominated pieces from last season. Jessica & Will! Awesome. I love Will. Such an amazing dancer and performer. Jessica had so much potential last season and she never quite exploded like she should have.

Guys results are up. And Brandon is in the finale! I'm so glad they didn't make me wait to find that out. Dial Idol had him clearly picked as the top vote getter from the guys last night. The accuracy of Dial Idol will show up in the girls' votes. They have Kayla as getting more votes than Jeanine.

The door routine! I was listening to this song earlier. I love this dance. Woo hoo! I remember seeing it at a YW activity for the first time. It was awesome. I remember all the girls all gasped when Katee and Twitch kissed.

Another Emmy routine - Chelsie & Joshua's tango. Man, there were some fabulous dancers last season. Great dancers with great personalities and performance skills.

Same solos from last night. Yawn. Jabbawockeez!! I love these guys. I actually voted for them on America's Best Dance Crew. Their isolations and formations are amazing.

BLEEDING LOVE! Awesome. Super Kimmie still has this episode of SYTYCD on her DVR from last year because she likes this dance so much. As do I. We all screamed at the tour when the briefcase came out on the stage. I get chills every time he takes her "heart" out and he looks at her before he leaves. Every time.

I'm NOT watching that crazy solo of Kayla's again. I will, however, watch Evan. Maybe I'll watch Evan twice.

Sean Paul? Really? Why don't they just have more people dance? I think the only musical guest I've watched this season was Kelly Clarkson.

Final results for the girls - Kayla is through to the finale, just like Dial Idol said she was. Melissa is going home. Bummer. I like her. Awww. She's crying. I'm so excited to see that Tyce Diorio breast cancer dance with her on tour.

Final results for the guys - This is the one I'm interested in. EVAN!!! YES!!!! Look how cute his family is! I think Molly's comment on yesterday's blog was spot on - he had the most difficult time adjusting his style. He could be brilliant or dreadful depending on the routine. They're showing his highlights - The pick routine! I forgot about that one. I hope they do that one on tour.

So, it's Jeanine, Brandon, Kayla & Evan. That should make for a good show next week. What do you think of the final 4? Leave a comment, and let me know.


Molly said...

Yay Jeanine!
Yay Brandon!
Yay Evan!

Kayla, not so much. I really wish Melissa would've made it instead.

P.S. I HATE clowns. Nothing is scarier than a clown.

Staci said...

Not so much Kayla, not so much Evan. He's cute. But he's too little. Honestly, watching him partnering is painful for me. Every lift the girls are scared and he's just not that powerful a dancer for me. I liked Ade better and think he'd have made a much more exciting finale. I think Evan also has a hard time adjusting his style. I was annoyed. Not thrilled like last year. Who else thought Katee and Chelsie got better over the last year? They were awesome. And did anyone else think they sped up the tempo of Bleeding Love from last year. That one still gives me chills as well.

Stacie said...


There. I got that off my chest. There were just so many memorable dances AND dancers. I LOVED all the ones they did tonight.

Sad that Melissa went home. :( I really thought Evan was going home, so that was a shocker for me. I'm excited! I agree with Molly on Evan, too. It will be interesting to see how it goes next week!!

Aaron H. said...

So you think you can JEANINE?

Emily said...

I was okay with the results, Kayla bugs me but she is really good. I think Ade is a great dancer but if I had to watch one more of his spastic solo's I think I would vomit. Someone should have told him to settle down and get a grip. Kayla too for that matter. I agree with Molly that clowns are scary. But the dance was really cool.

Heidi said...

I am SOOOO NOT HAPPY with the results for the finale---really??? Evan and Kayla----I am sooooo sick of Kayla and think Janette deserved to be there WAY more--she was much stronger and definitely a performer!!! I CAN'T believe Evan got picked over Ade---come on!!! This is CRAZY!!! I am happy for Jeanine and Brandon---they deserve it! As long as one of them wins I'll be ok;) I LOVE that "mercy" dance, too---it is awesome---there really were awesome dancers last season!!!

The Barlow Brigade said...

Okay-- WHY all the Kayle hate....that girl is a GORGEOUS sweet and has an amazing life story-- she came from nothing. I LOVE WATCHING HER DANCE. I agreed last week that no one, until Brandon, was paired with her that matched her skill level. Her solo choreography is not great but this is a DANCE competition not a CHOREOGRAPHY competition. I love her and I am SO happy she got in the final. I feel like a rebel and I really really like it!!!!

Whitney Johnson said...

I miss Melissa. If I could have subbed her in for Kayla. Oh well....

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