Wednesday, July 29, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 6 Performance Show

Cat Fashion Watch - Extremely cool little blue shift dress. Love it. Love the color on her. And we combed and straightened our hair. Nice.

Can't believe we're down to 6. That's nuts. I can't say I'm happy to see Kayla. This week is killer. People often get injured at this point. Two partner dances, a group number and a solo.

Guys Group Number (Choreography by Sonya Tateh)
Sonya says the Willy Wonka boys need to embrace their power. She's a trip. I really liked that routine. Loved the pictures she created. It was interesting choreography for three male dancers. I don't usually like Sonya's stuff on first viewing, but I really liked it. I've liked her last couple routines. I don't know if it's her or me, but something has changed. :) Nice compliment to Evan. He was present in the routine, and like Lil' C said, he could have been swallowed up. Mary and Nigel liked it as well.

I love Lil' C. I don't care what anyone says.

Jeanine & Ade - Samba ("Love Game" by Lady GaGa- choreography by Louis Van Amstel)
This is a great partnership. I'm excited to see them dance together. Hmm. Didn't love that routine. Trying too hard to be sexy, maybe? It seemed jumpy too. Mary gave them a pretty specific drubbing. All the judges loved Jeanine, but Ade got reamed.

Kayla - "You Found Me" by The Fray
Frantic crazy kicking. Now down the floor. Good grief, girl! Did we learn nothing from Jason's elimination? From all the close calls you have had? Too much moving! Crazy. Not a fan.

Melissa & Evan - Broadway ("Get Me to the Church on Time" from My Fair Lady - choreography by Tyce Diorio)
Oh dear. I don't know about this. I'm glad they drew Broadway. I always worry when I hear that Tyce has a "story," but this worked because it was a jazz version of the song. I really liked it. Lil' C was disappointed, but "I really thought you were great tonight, yes I did!" First double positive! We even got one from Nigel.

Ade - "18th Floor Balcony" by Blue October
He's amazing, but we've got the frantic movement again. It's not musical to me. I get so frustrated when I see solos like this one and like Kayla's.

Kayla & Brandon - Contemporary ("All I Want" by Ahn Trio - choreography by Stacey Tookey)
WOW. That was some amazing choreography. And a great performance. That leap from Brandon in the middle was amazing. Just amazing technique. Can I say amazing again? I didn't connect with the story, but it was an intense routine and I liked it a lot. Quote from Diggity, "There are compartments on the Hot Tamale Train? I didn't realize there was a first class cabin." I didn't realize he was listening.

Melissa - "I Put A Spell On You" by Nina Simone
I love her strategy with solos lately. She's picking groovy music and she can obviously choreograph in a musical fashion, unlike Ade and Kayla. Loved that sign in the audience, "It's Melisser!"

Jeanine & Ade - Hip Hop ("Move" by MIMS - Napoleon & Tabitha choreography)
That was fun. They hit everything really well. Very cute. Cute props. Tabitha and Napoleon are so creative. It was a fun routine. Mary's been evicted?

Brandon - "O'Fortuna" from Carmina Burana
Now. This was quick movement in a solo as well. Leap, jump, flip, kick, killer-awesome-turn at the end. But I loved it. Why did I love it? BECAUSE IT WENT WITH THE MUSIC. It was technically amazing AND musical. It had flow and extension. He was dancing, not just doing steps. And he got himself a standing ovation from the judges and the audience. That was fantastic. 1-888-TEMPO-04

Melissa & Evan - Quickstep ("As Long As I'm Singin'" by Brian Setzer Orchestra - choreography by Louis Van Amstel)
FUN! I hate the quickstep, and I love this. Fun personality from both of them and it was great choreography. Evan was much better in this than in his own style. Though this choreography brings him very close to his own style. Super cute. I'm so glad Mary has brought back the double positives! I love them! She bashed the technique again. Nigel and Lil' C were pretty positive.

Jeanine - "Feedback" by Janet Jackson
She's great. Just so cute. It wasn't my favorite solo for her, but I liked it better than Kayla's.

Evan - "The Lady is a Tramp" by Sammy Davis Jr.
That's my favorite solo from him. That was outstanding. It makes me giggle when he dances because I think he's just SO CUTE. And so talented. And I love Gene Kelly so much, so when he looks that much like Gene Kelly when he dances, I giggle even more. Okay. I'm done.

Kayla & Brandon - Disco ("Dance (Disco Heat)" by Sylvester - choreography by Doriana Sanchez)
I liked it. I wanted to love it more. I loved it until they got to the middle with the sequence of lift after lift after lift. They lost momentum coming out of some of them for me. When you see with your ears? Wow. And wow that I actually understand what he's saying. That music rhythm pocket is kind of hard to explain. He didn't explain it very well, but I know what Mary - Holy smokies?! And then she was ready to rumble. Oh, Nigel. You're a funny one. Cat's comments are still my favorite - "Nigel! What did I tell you? You have to take the tablets! Take the tablets!"

That was a fantastic Glee commercial. See more clips from the upcoming season here.

Girls Group Number - Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh
A super hero dance. Okay. Awesome costumes. Love that their initials are on their belts. I didn't love that song, but the dance was great. So much fun. Mary knows about Comic Con? Wow. What is Nigel drinking in that magic blue cup tonight? I'm glad he pointed out the tutu on Melissa's costume. So fun. A little awkward that he pointed out Jeanine's lace up part to her costume.

Okay, everyone. Votes are important tonight. Based on the dancing, I would say it's going to be Ade and Jeanine going home. I just love Melissa. I love her even more tonight. She separated herself from Jeanine for me tonight. And Brandon. We must vote for Brandon. Evan did really well on his dances and as much as I'm not and have never been a Kayla fan, Kayla was better on the partner dances tonight.

Now, watching the recaps, I agree with myself. Diggity agrees with me too. Here's my voting priority order tonight:

Melissa 1-888-TEMPO-03
Brandon 1-888-TEMPO-04
Evan 1-888-TEMPO-06
Kayla 1-888-TEMPO-01


Aaron H. said...

Kat fashion WATCH: Is that what it was supposed to be? Looked more like a house arrest bracelet.

Diana said...

I am so bummed I did not get to vote! I did notget to watch the show until after 11. I so hope Brandon goes all the way and I am with you on Melissa. I have always liked her. I am so sad I have to wait until Saturday before I can watch Thursday's show:(

Grammy said...

I agree with you - I think Ade and Jeanie are going home tonight and that makes me a bit sad because I love Jeanie but I think Melissa and Kayla were much better last night. And I was giggling all the way through Evan's solo too - it was just fun.

Molly said...

I hope Ade finally get voted off. He doesn't ever change his style, I think he's lucked out with the stuff he's been given and having Melissa as a partner.

Kayla did do better last night, but I'm going to take Mary's advice (crazy, I know) and think about the whole season, not just last night. As a result my final 4 are Brandon, Jeanine, Melissa, and Evan.

P.S. I really with Nigel wouldn't have made that comment about Jeanine's costume. Now I think he's just a dirty old man instead of someone who knows something about dancing. Eww.

Staci said...

from the dancer crowd: jeanine is BY FAR the best girl. i watch it with my dancer snob friends and we are in accordance on this fact. i do not think she is going home. at least, i hope. is my perception skewing my faith in america to do the right thing? i don't know. I wanted to slap Kayla after her solo. I hated watching it. Sometimes I love her (the Staci Tookey piece was awesome) and sometimes I think she can do better. Ade's center and spotting ability is sick. 8 pirouettes and not even falling out of it? SICK. I agree: Evan was his best but I still think he is a weaker dancer than Brandon and Ade. Personal opinion. Think he's cute but I am done with him and think he should go home. I voted for Jeanine, Brandon (who is my all around fav to win) and Ade.

Macy said...

Aaron - it's a cuff. Not a watch. Surprised you didn't know that. :)

Molly - Nigel is a dirty old man who knows something about dancing. :)

Staci - I agree - Jeanine is the best dancer. One of my favorites all along. If people take the whole season into consideration, she'll be fine. If they take last night only, she might be in trouble. She wasn't showcased very well with the choreography she got, and Ade really didn't help her much in the Samba.

I completely agree with your dancer crowd. I adore her. But, I really have to keep my dance knowledge and love for technically amazing dancers at bay when it gets to the end of the season. I can't think of one season where the technically superior dancer won. Nick Lazarrini from season 1 is probably the only season where I feel that happened, and I was rooting for Melody to win. (I think it's because during the first season, the only people that were watching were complete dance nerds. So the technically amazing dancers stayed in the competition.) Every other season, there has always been a dancer that was much better technically and performance wise than the winner - Travis Wall in season 2, Danny in season 3, and Katee in season 4. That's why Nigel and Co. say "America's Favorite Dancer" so much. It's still annoying. As much as I loved Benji in season 2, there is no way he's a better dancer than Travis Wall.

Okay. I need to get off this soapbox now. ;) Unfortunately, I could talk about this all day, and I've got another 500 wedding pictures to go through.

Though, I just checked Dial Idol. Very interesting stuff. They have Kayla and Jeanine safe with Melissa going home, and Brandon safe with Evan and Ade too close to call. And Dial Idol is much more accurate with SYTYCD because there isn't any texting option like there is on AI. It's all phone calls.

Stacie said...

Ok, so I'm a little late, but if it were up to me, Kayla would go home tonight. Yes she is fabulous, but I don't feel like we've learned much about her or her personality this entire season other than what we knew about her at the beginning (the touching story about her grandparents). I think Kayla sometimes lucks out with all the crazy story dances and contemporary pieces. But again, I recognize that she is good. Just boring for me, and it gets old to hear every week that she is perfect when I think the other girls are often right up there with her. Jeanine is still my favorite girl and then Melissa. They are both just as good to me.

As far as the guys go, I think Evan is going home, and not because I don't love that little guy to pieces. I just think it's going to be tonight for him.

And finally, despite Nigel's somewhat dirty comments about Jeanine, I thought the best comment was Cat when she shot back: "She's got a superpower all her own!"

Goodbye. And P.S., I know nothing about dance at all, so I really just comment for the fun of it.

Stephanie said...

My guess: Melissa and Evan go home tonight.

love hearing your recap, thanks Macy!

Macy said...

Stacie P. - Please don't think I have a great deal of dance knowledge. :) What little I know, I've gleaned from the amazing dancers that have danced around me on stage or that I have had try to choreograph me. Comment away. I love reading what people who have great dance knowledge think of the show (like Staci H., who is a dancer and choreographer), but I love hearing what everyone thinks of the show. We are voting for "America's Favorite Dancer," after all. :)

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