Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - Afterthought

Jeanne kindly pointed out that I offered no prediction or favorite in my post last night. Total oversight. There was a lot going on in the room when I was blogging last night. I missed a lot of my friends' comments too. It's a shame I couldn't get my fingers to type faster - their comments were insightful and hilarious.

For the record, my favorite performances last night were the first two that Adam and Kris picked for themselves. The producers could have picked better songs for Adam and Kris. They weren't as bad as Paula's pick for Danny last week, but they could have been better. I really couldn't hear the words to Kara DioGuardi's song very well. (I'm sure they were awful lyrics. I just wanted confirmation.) I don't think Adam or Kris could hear when they sang the last song. They were both pitchy, and Adam isn't usually pitchy. I don't think they could hear themselves. I think Adam could have sung it better and I strongly suspect it was written to suit Adam's voice because the producers were planning on Adam being in the finals. Kris was great, though vocally tired at the end when he had to sing in a ridiculous key. He's very consistent, fun to watch and easy to listen to. Adam was great - he really has outrageously great technique. All my performing friends completely geek out over his skill and mastery over his voice. It's awesome to watch someone do something that well as you work so hard to perfect it in yourself. And if I were going to watch a concert, I'd much rather go see Adam in concert than Kris.

I know I'm totally fence sitting. And honestly, I'd be happy if either of them win. I can't think of many AI finals where I can say that. On vocal talent, Adam deserves to win. On overall musical talent, Kris deserves to win. On performance, Adam deserves to win. And they're both just as nice as can be. Very gracious and respectful of each other.

That said, I think Kris is going to win. But I think it's going to be close.

Why Kris? The biggest reason is Danny's voting block. Danny is a music worship leader in his church. His fans aren't going to vote for Adam. Kris is cute, young, married to an adorable wife, and is a music worship leader in his church. If Danny's fans vote, most of them will vote for Kris. Also, I think Kris did a better job overall last night. And I think it was a bit too apparent that the producers of AI want Adam to win. Did you notice on Kris' last song he didn't get any comments about how he sang? Just how proud he should be to be up there in the finals and that he did well. Also, (and I thank Professor Chan over at VFTW for pointing this out) Adam's arrangement of the crappy Idol ballad had more instruments in the arrangement and backup vocals. Kris' didn't. That's lame. It made his tired voice sound more exposed. And Kris has the VFTW voters behind him. Not that this has mattered all season, but they might push him over the top.

Plus, I just checked on Dial Idol. They pick Kris.

I'm interested to see what happens. And follow Seacrest's advice and extend the time on your Tivos and DVRs. It's pretty horrible when you commit to two hours of TV to find out who wins only to have this happen:

"And the next American Idol is..."


See you tonight!

*Edited to add: "Glee" was awesome. The closing performance of "Don't Stop Believin'" gave me chills several times. That Lea Michele can SING! Great arrangement, great voices. It's going to be a fun show. Can't wait until it comes back in the fall.


Team Pettijohn said...

As part of our weekly routine, Matt and I checked your blog out to see what you thought. I totally noticed that you didn't make a prediction for yourself. lol. I also agree with the way they catered to Adam for the last song...I can't believe that Kris had to sing it in that pitch. You could see his frustration all over his face. Great Season, thanks for keeping my hubby and I entertained!

Shelley said...

7 hours to go...and then I won't watch TV again until next sad. :(

allenaim photography and design said...

I loved Glee too...I felt like such a dork!

Jeanne said...

Thanks for adding all that. I could basically say "Ditto" to everything you said. Question for you...I was having a discussion with someone over Adam's habit of sticking out his tongue when he sings. I had read someone else with vocal experience say it was good technique but the person I was talking about it with said his wife had vocal background and said it was horrible technique. What's your thought on that?

Also, LOVED Glee! I actually got choked up at the end. It made me miss high school and how much fun we had in choirs and plays. I miss having music in my life so much. I can't wait to watch it next year.

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