Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol - Final Results

SPOILER ALERT - If you don't want to know who won until you watch the show, stop reading.

Also, this blog post is REALLY long. I apologize in advance.

To quote The Seacrest, we've finally made it. The last night. The crowning of the Idol. Adam and Kris are dressed in white for what I can only assume will be an inspirational opening number. We're guaranteed at least one all-white outfit song in every finale. They typically close with it, but I guess you have to change things up a bit.

The final night is filled with crazy and cool musical pairings that we have to sit through until the last two minutes of the show where we find out who won. We also get LOTS of video montages that I'm sure you'll see on the 50 city tour if you choose to attend. And the final night is always filled with cutaway shots of celebrities and former Idols in the audience. I'll be updating you with those as I see them. Like this:

Kimberley Locke!
Patricia Heaton with Paris Bennett right behind her!
A woman who looks kind of like Janice Dickinson, but I can never be sure if it's her!

Almost 100 million votes last night. Randy's rockin' a killer velvet bow tie. They're showing judge montages from the season. Randy's is hilarious. "Not my best performance for me for you for me tonight." Love it. Kara's earrings are huge. Kara's montage is also funny. Paula has the biggest heart in showbiz? And the biggest vocabulary? What? That was pretty funny too. Short clips of all the big words she has used this season - further confirming my belief that she has a ghost writer that works on her comments. No way she knows all those words. Simon's montage was very funny too.

Carrie Underwood!

Microphone issues for Kris & Adam. They throw to Mikalah Gordon (former Idol contestant - proving that you don't have to win to have a career, though her makeup is horrible) in Conway, Arkansas. Carly Smithson is in San Diego with Adam's fans.

Top 13 singing "So What" by Pink. Uh oh. Awkward dancing from Scott is back. He tries so hard to do their stupid little moves. I'm not sure what Allison just did with that pelvic thrust to the camera. Jasmine Murray just cracked out on her little vocal ad lib. Poor girl. Not sure the all white outfits matched that song. I'm just sayin'.

David Cook is singing a song called "Permanent" which I think is about his brother who just died of cancer. Great song, actually - and I haven't loved his singles. He's singing really well too. Go, David! The performance is going to be sold on iTunes to raise money for cancer research.

I wish they would give up on this stupid award things they do every year. It's just another excuse to trot out the embarrassing auditions. At least we're going to see Norman Gentle again. He's absolutely hilarious. He's in a sweatshirt and jeans, but I'm sure the Norman clothes are underneath. I love when I'm right. He's totally flat on the big note again, but totally brings down the house. Ryan's wearing the headband and glasses.

Lil Rounds & Queen Latifah are singing Queen Latifah's new single. They sound great together. I like Lil's hair too. Wish I could see who the dancers are. Last year, some of the former SYTYCD kids were the backup dancers.

Anoop and Alexis sing the first part of Jason Mraz' song "I'm Yours" and then Jason comes out and sings with them. I love Jason Mraz. He's a ridiculously talented songwriter and singer. Here come the rest of the Idols - minus Kris & Adam. That was a fun performance. I'm completely not hating the

Awww, Kris' wife looks super cute. Here is Kris' season montage. Followed by a duet with Keith Urban. COOL! This is a cute song. I haven't listened to much country lately. Is that Jerry Springer playing drums for them? I forgot how much I like Keith Urban. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go re-load my iPod as soon as the show is done tonight.

Justin Guarini!

Okay, I just rewound and watched the Wendy's Twisted Frosty boy band commercial. That was completely hilarious. And have I said how happy I am that SYTYCD starts tomorrow? I haven't? Well, I'm excited.

The girls are singing "Glamorous" by Fergie. And here comes Fergie singing "Big Girls Don't Cry". Ah, a medley. Loved Allison knowing the "choreography" when no one else did. Now the Black Eyed Peas are performing their super catchy new single. Evidently Fergie had an issue with the tape delay. These guys are amazing performers - their tour is going to be amazing. That was awesome.

More Idol awards. This time to bring bikini girl back onstage in a bikini. Of course. Love that Seacrest made fun of the new implants. Wow. She's going to sing. Ouch. Kara is joining her onstage. AWESOME! Girl can sing! You go, Kara. The song you wrote for the Idol winner completely sucked, but that was great. Oh! Wow! Dress removal by Kara! There's a bikini underneath. That was gutsy. And evidently she won a bet and they're donating money to her favorite charity.

David Cook!
Ryan Seacrest's Dad!
David Archuleta!

Allison Iraheta and Cyndi Lauper are going to sing "Time After Time" together. Cyndi is playing some kind of cool zither while they sing. That was a fantastic performance. They sound great together. Cyndi was kind of bloated and not looking good on "30 Rock" the other day, but she looks fabulous tonight.

Seacrest interviews Kris' parents and Adam's parents. Adam's mom is wearing a total rock glam outfit. And there is a single boy that doesn't look like Adam's brother there with Adam's parents...hmmmm.... :)

Danny Gokey sings "Hello" by Lionel Richie. I love me some Lionel. First concert I attended at the tender age of 13. I know. I'm so cool. It was the "Dancing on the Ceiling" tour, and he did, in fact dance on the ceiling. Lionel comes out to sing a song I don't recognize. It's apparently called "Just Go" and it's a new single for Lionel. Awww, yea! "All Night Long!" Nice. Admit it - you're up and dancing like Paula right now. Danny's pulling out some sweet harmonies, but he needs to cut out that crazy dancing. I must admit, I heard the list of performers for tonight and I was feeling like there would be a lot of clunker performances, but I've liked all of them so far.

Ruben Studdard!

Here's Adam's highlight reel. Glad they got some skin help for him. Wow. Those early shots are rough. He's got some kind of crazy studded jacket with wing shoulders on. Wow. Looks like something Meatloaf would wear. Well, since he's performing with KISS, the outfit totally makes sense now. Nice. They enter from the ceiling with fireworks. Perfect. Adam would have to wear a jacket and crazy boots like that to fit in with them. Adam sounds so much better than they do. "I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night" actually sounds great with him singing it. That was very fun. Seriously, who gets to sing with KISS?

Carlos Santana is going to perform with the Top 13. Santana is going to be at the Hard Rock in Vegas for the next couple years. That would be fun to see. Matt Giraud opens "Black Magic Woman" and then we go medley style into "Smooth"

Heather Locklear!
Camryn Manheim!
Janice Dickinson, again. (Seriously? Don't we have other people we could show?)

Awesome Ford commercial that ends with Kris and Adam getting new cars from David Cook.

Steve Martin is performing on banjo with Michael Sarver and Megan Joy?! Fantastic! I love this. Cute little bluegrass duet. The song is called "Pretty Flowers" and Dolly Parton and Vince Gill sing it on Steve Martin's new album. He writes songs too? Talented dude. Talk about a renaissance man.

The boys are performing. All of them are in black suits, black ties and white shirts. Nice. They're singing "If You Want My Body" by Rod Stewart. And here comes Rod Stewart singing "Maggie May". He seems to be having a hard time walking to his mike stand. Man, he's old The morning sun shows your age, indeed. They're showing a lot of people in the audience - I'm assuming so they don't have to show him.

One more Golden Idol. Here comes crazy Tatiana. Pretty funny bit - or is it a bit? Security is chasing her around the stage while she sings.

Kris and Adam are singing "We Are the Champions." Queen is backing them, plus the Idols, plus a gospel choir, plus fog. Now, that's a production number! Adam is completely KILLING this song. Kris sounds fine, but Adam is fantastic. And they look like they are having such a blast singing this song. They're just looking straight at each other and singing. Awesome.

Glad I followed The Seacrest's advice and extended the Tivo recording.

And the next American Idol is:
Kris Allen!

What?! Wow! And Kris gets a little trophy. And now Kris has to sing Kara's song for the next four months. Maybe they'll let him sing it in a different key on tour. How cute that he pulled all the Idols out in front of the judges with him and went to shake the judges hands. I like Kris. Awww...his cute wife just came onstage and gave him a big hug.

And in keeping with Idol tradition, the best singer didn't win. But now Adam has some freedom to do what he wants with his career since he didn't win.

It's been fun, everyone! Thanks for reading! I'll start recapping SYTYCD shows once the Top 20 hits the stage. In the meantime, enjoy the auditions.


LL said...

MACY!!!! i laughed through that and I had no idea who you were talking about...SOOO now I have to find someone who has it dvr'd (sure that won't be difficult) and watch have me curious.
thanks for the entertaining play by play!

Kristi said...

I love your commentaries... read em every week but am a slacker in the comment department... I have to admit, I was SHOCKED at the outcome of Idol tonight... SHOCKED! Loved the montages -- can you even imagine singing with Keith Urban or KISS or Queen or... WOW! Well, looking forward to more of your insight for upcoming programming.

Diana said...

I was dying when Kara came out with binki girl! She has got a great set of pipes! Alright and the bikini did not look bad either. I wish I could do either of those things. Oh and I am so happy that Kris won! WAHOOOOO:)

rebecca said...

I watched here and there. The KISS/Adam number was ridiculous. How old are these men?! I think Adam should head to Broadway. I can see the theatre in him every time I see him perform
LOVED the Kris/Kieth #. I would buy that song. Fun show... & Awesome Macy recap!

Molly said...

That was a great recap. I felt like you were sitting next to me on the couch, even though I didn't watch it. 2 things:
#1- We WERE totally cool getting to see the "Dancing on the Ceiling" Tour. We had to vacuum a lot of stairs to get to go. Totally worth it!
#2- SYTYCD! YAY!! So excited!!!

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