Thursday, April 9, 2009

Manhattan New York LDS Temple


I really appreciated all the kind responses I got to the pictures I took of the Boston Massachusetts LDS temple last month. I'll be heading back soon to take some more. I liked photographing the Boston Temple so much, I decided that whenever I'm near a temple, I'm going to make time to go make some pictures.

So, when I was in Manhattan last month, I lugged myself, my duffel bag and my camera bag uptown after riding the bus for 4+ hours. I'm not gonna lie - Times Square was a little rough to get through. I made it to the temple safely, I got some shots I really love, and I was within walking distance of the new Shake Shack on Columbus Avenue. A good night all around.

My favorite pictures and a little more info on how I shot them can be found on my photography blog. There's also a link to my online LDS Temple gallery if you want to see all the shots I've taken so far.

P.S. I also shot the Washington D.C. temple when I was visiting my brother's family. I'll let you know when those go up.


rebecca said...

Great idea about the temple gallery, Macy! I love this one of the Manhattan temple.

Dana said...

It's so nice that heaven agrees with this project and provides beautiful blue skies each time. Love it.

Michal said...

i just want to get you out to sacramento to work your magic here.

Yvonne said...

Taking pictures of temples is the best.

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