Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol - Top 8 Results Show

Ryan just did a weird gangsta' thing with his hand when he mentioned Flo Rida was going to be performing tonight. Ryan, that's not allowed. And Paula, don't wear gloves. Every time I think she's going to wear a normal outfit, she has some crazy accessory or thing stuck to her clothing.

Making fun of how old Simon and Paula are...blah, blah, blah...And out comes Frankie Avalon singing "Venus" in the same key he sang it when it was a hit. (1959) He looks great for his age, but the performance is not going well from a note-hitting perspective.

The Idols are singing live this week! Is someone on the production team reading my blog?! :) If they're going to sing live, they need ear monitors. There was a painfully pitchy moment in the second half of the song. Odd that there are only two girls left.

Ford Commercial. We get a behind the scenes look this week. Hilarious impression of Simon from Scott. Weird to hear this song without Britney's techno filter. I kind of like the techno filter better than hearing them sing it straight.

Adam is safe!
Kris is safe!
Anoop is in the bottom 3. Interesting. Kris is listed in last place on Dial Idol, but I'm assuming that Dial Idol can't measure the text messages.

Flo Rida is performing. I'm feeling old. I really need to start listening to Top 40 radio. I have never heard this song.

More Results:
Danny is safe!
Matt is safe!
Scott is in the bottom 3.

It's down to the two girls for the last spot. Allison is safe and Lil in the bottom 3.
I'm good with this bottom 3.

I'm not good with the fact that I just caught up with the Tivo and I have to watch Kellie Pickler. She has a great stylist now, so that's cool. Taylor Swift and Kellie are best friends and I really wish someone would grab them both and force them to take a voice lesson together. As I watch it on fast forward, she does seem to have more stage presence than she did on the show. She's just as cute as a bug. But I can't imagine a more painful concert to listen to. Taylor Swift and Kellie Pickler? Ouch. (No offense if you love them. I think they're adorable and great songwriters. I just hate listening to them sing live. Especially Taylor. It's awful.)

Lil got sent back to the couches. I don't know if the judges will save Anoop. They definitely won't save Scott. I think they would have saved Lil though.

Scott has the lowest number of votes - Anoop is safe.

Scott sings to stay in the competition and after much painful deliberation, he's sent home. I really think they didn't save him - not because he didn't do well, but because of the people that were left in the competition. All the contestants left are pretty good, and there is a possibility that someone they really like could get voted off next week. We'll have to see what happens next week!


Whitney Johnson said...

Totally agree on Scott. Here's who I think should be the final four. Adam, obviously. Ryan, Alison and Matt.

Diana said...

I love your recaps. They always make me laugh. I cannot belive they were debating on saving Scott. It was killing me just get the kid out of there. He is so not on the same level as everyone else. Until next week! Thanks:)

Diana said...

Who is Ryan?

Macy said...

Whitney - excellent choices. Though, do you mean Danny instead of Ryan? I also think Kris should be there at the end. Not the best week this week, but he's had some amazing performances.

Diana - Thanks!

Staci said...

Oh my hannah, I remember Kellie on the show, she was so unbelievably bad. I still have nightmares about her singing Bohemian Rhapsody clad in black leather. It made me cry. What was worse was that Simon didn't demolish her for it. It pains me she has a career. I just don't believe women who sing badly out of tune shouldn't get paid a lot for it. Am I coming across harsh? I will stop.

Nana said...

I agree - it has to be about saving someone who should still be a contender for the top spot, and I think we all knew Scott was not going to take the prize. I think he will do better in more intimate concert settings. I could see him at Touacan. (sp?)

.:.Becca B..:. said...

Ah I LOVE LOVE LOVE your recaps! So 1) I agree about the gloves! GAG ME! 2) Thank you thank you ThAnK YoU for agreeing with me about the "Circus" song! They just shouldn't even ATTEMPT a Britney song! I mean really. Just like Never Ever try a JT song! AH! NO BUENO! and 3) Amen with Kelly Pickler being so darn cute & easy on they eyes but so awful to the ears!

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