Monday, April 27, 2009

He Likes to Climb.


Luckily, he only dares go this high with help from Diggity.


Yes, he has a huge bump on his forehead and his cheeks are really red. The bump is from a run in with an older kid in nursery and the cheeks are red because he gets really red cheeks when he's tired and hasn't had a nap. I used to be able to get him to sleep before we left for church, but no more. So, red cheeks every Sunday.


He also likes to run everywhere he goes and he's started yelling a lot more.


Yvonne said...

That's a little scary.

Macy said...

It's extremely scary. Thankfully, he hasn't done it for several days and whenever he tries it on his own, he goes to the second stair and stops. His cousin Ab. has been doing this since she was 1, so I'm thankful he hasn't picked up on any of it until now. :)

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