Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 Performance Show

The band is onstage. Ryan is making lame jokes. Paula looks awful as usual. What is that thing? I've never seen so many cubic zirconias in one place. Only two judges get to speak after each performance because they talked so much last week.

The theme tonight is music from the movies, and for some reason Quentin Tarantino is the mentor. I have never seen any of his movies, though I've seen clips and I know he uses great music in his movies. I also remember when he came to judge, but I'm not sure what he ads to the process this week.

Allison Iraheta - "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith
On stage strings for this one. Very fancy. Diggity comment: "Wow. She sounds like she's been smoking since she was in utero." This arrangement is so low for her. I don't love what she's doing to the melody. I don't think you need to mess that much with a Diane Warren (songwriter) melody. It was a good performance, but not my favorite from her. Paula and Simon are very enamored though.

I just heard that I'm going to have to listen to a song from "Robin Hood: Prince of Theives" after the break. I may quit watching right now. Or go stick forks in my eyes. Sorry. I react violently to most Kevin Costner movies and the music from those movies.

Anoop Desai - "Everything I Do, I Do it For You" by Bryan Adams
Okay. I won't get the forks out yet. I don't hate it. I do like the changes he's making to the melody. As Diggity pointed out, Anoop didn't really grind through the ending like Quentin suggested. But it was pretty good. I figure if you can take a song that I hate and make me watch the whole thing, that's a positive.

Adam Lambert - "Born to Be Wild"
I'm not ever sure what is going to happen with Adam. It's definitely his stamp on the song. He's making it his own, if you will. Whatever happens to him in the voting, he's having a blast and the band is having a great time playing with him. The background singers and the string players are clapping for him. Awesome. I do appreciate that Adam has enough sense to do this crazy rock stuff when it is appropriate and he mixes it in with other styles of performance the other weeks. Fortune favors the brave, Paula. Not rewards the brave. Simon likes last week's performance better. 1-866-IDOLS-03

Matt Giraud - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman"
I'm a little worried about his voice. He sounds tired or pitchy or something. It was going well, but he completely cracked out a couple times in the bridge. Unfortunately, I agree with Randy and Kara. He was on the right track, but he didn't quite get it again.

Danny Gokey - "Endless Love"
I have hateful memories associated with this song. Gonna let that go. *cleansing breath* Good direction from Quentin putting the hands in the pockets to focus emotion coming from the face. Not sure how I feel about harp accompaniment. Seems like a good choice for a wedding, but not so much for American Idol. Danny really has a fabulous voice. Though, I agree with Simon on all points. Harp=bad. Arrangement=boring. Song=ridiculously hard for him to sing emotionally. So, well done. I guess.

Kris Allen - "Falling Slowly"
This is a great song. Might be too low for him though. Never mind. He needed to start low to be glorious in the chorus. That was fabulous. FABULOUS. Loved the flip to falsetto near the end. Randy's half right - it sounded pitchy at the beginning because it was so low. But not the whole song. I loved that. 1-866-IDOLS-06.

Lil Rounds - "The Rose"
I hope I don't hate this. They've got her in the pimp spot, so it must be okay. Bummer. It's just okay. I was hoping it would be better than okay. Maybe if she had more time to build to this gospel part. And the ending was kind of lame-o. Paula managed to critique her and didn't actually say anything about Lil's performance. Paula amazes me. Not in a good way.

Bold Predictions -

Loved it - Adam Lambert, Kris Allen
Meh - Lil Rounds, Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta

Bottom 3 - Lil Rounds*, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen (*Vote for the Worst Pick)
Going Home - Lil Rounds or Matt Giraud


Molly said...

Wow. I knew you felt strongly about Kevin Costner movies, but I had no idea there was such violence attached. I'm glad you kept the forks in the drawer.

Aselin said...

I'm surprised at your Costner aversion. I mean a guy who can pull off Dances with Wolves and Tin Cup in the same career... ;) Great reviews!

Macy said...

Aselin makes a good point - I should better clarify my Costner aversion.

Costner in a sports movie = Good (examples - Tin Cup, Field of Dreams, etc.)
Costner in anything else = makes me want to run screaming from the theater (examples - Dancing With Wolves, Robin Hood)

*Notable exception to the Costner Rule as stated above: The Bodyguard. The story and acting make me crazy, but I loved the soundtrack at a formative time in my music listening. Thus, I will watch this movie when clicking through the channels in the hopes of seeing one of the musical numbers.

CentreStageTheatre said...

I did not know we shared a Kevin Costner movie thing........Hello same character EVERY movie.....seriously EVERY movie. HELLO......Robin Hood SHOULD have an English Accent. Whatever...he was SOOOO awful in the movie. The only one I like was that Coast Guard movie he did with Ashton Kutcher and it had not a lot to do with him as much as Ashton.

Whitney Johnson said...

You've gotten us distracted on Kevin Costner. LOVED the Bodyguard too -- loved him until he divorced his wife.

On Lil -- well she is just uninspiring. Adam, Chris and Alison should be in the finals.

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