Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 Results Show

That was a really lengthy opening video package. We are reminded that the judges' save is still in play. And that the Idols are going to be on tour. I just looked at Dial Idol. It looks like Danny Gokey is the only one that is definitely safe. Lil Rounds was near the top of the heap. The bottom three Dial Idol contestants were Allison Iraheta, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen. We'll see how those predictions play out...

Another cool Ford commercial. The jumping between magazine covers was super sweet. Paula is touching Ryan's face and saying silly things. I think she's been drinking...Yup. She crawled under the table while the group number was going on. Definitely drinking.

The Idols are singing "Maniac." Fun song! And they're singing live! This is my favorite group performance so far! No lip synching! No awkward dancers! Excellent harmonies! I slightly enjoyed instead of completely despised that number!

The Idols went to the premiere of "17 Again" last night. Talk about knowing your audience...send the Idols to a Zac Efron movie? Yes, indeed! Zac Efron, you're so cute. Except lose that lame-o hat covering your greasy hair, please. Not cool.

Allison Iraheta That special sauce worked!
Adam Lambert! Hooray! When you have a moment, read this interesting story about Adam.
Anoop Desai the bottom 3 again. Poor Anoop.

We're bringing back former Idols every week? I didn't realize. I guess that's true. This week it's Jennifer Hudson (JHud, as the kids call her.) I love JHud. What a way to come back to Idol! I didn't realize she hadn't been back since her elimination from the show. I find this song slightly boring, but she sings so well.

Kris Allen is getting some nice comments from Simon and Paula. He WAS brilliant. I'm worried he's in the bottom 3. HE'S NOT! He's safe! Woo hoo!
Lil Rounds is talking about her argument with the judges. I can see her frustration, but now that she's talking about it, I understand why she keeps getting it wrong. She's said when she sings like an artist they suggest they call her a copycat (see - Tina Turner song from birth year week) and when she picks an unexpected artist that is nothing like her, they tell her to sing like Mary J. Blige. That's the problem - she's choosing artists to sing, not songs. She needs to choose good SONGS and then sing them in her own way. Simon has said this to her a million times. Maybe she'll get it right next week.

Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud are vying for the bottom spot. It's obviously Matt. Though Ryan - you had me going for two seconds. That fake out was tricksy AND rude.

I agree with Kara - that was the definitely the bottom three, performance wise. I might have swapped Allison for Anoop, but it doesn't matter because Anoop is safe! Matt and Lil are the bottom two. I am almost positive they'll use the judges' save tonight. We'll see.

Miley Cyrus is singing in a bunch of fog. I'm giving her 30 seconds. She doesn't sound horrible yet. A little nasal, perhaps, but not yelling and pitchy yet. We're fast forwarding because Diggity can't handle it. He stopped to hear a high note, and now I can't handle it. Thanks, Tivo! You saved our ears and our sanity!

And the person being eliminated after the nationwide vote of 36 million is...Matt Giraud. Bummer! Sing, Matt, sing! His voice still sounds tired. Bummer! Kara must have been drinking with Paula before the show. They're cracking me up with their sway dancing.

But will they keep Matt around? I've never heard the audience chant before. It was definitely better than last night. YAY!!! They're keeping him!! Two people go home next week, but they're keeping him!! I don't think they would have saved Lil.

Disco week next week? Ouch. That's rough. If you're going to choose a week to start voting - next week is the week! It's pretty critical with two people going home! See you next week!

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