Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - Top 7 Become 5 Results Show

45 million votes last night. Double elimination tonight! David Archuleta is here!

Paula's choreographing the group number tonight and we get to see some behind the scenes moments at rehearsal. I like seeing her in her actual element. She seems smart and talented when she's dancing. And we're back to horrible lip-syncing. Someone please help them. Someone help the sound people to make the track not sound canned. Someone fix it! Paula almost had a wardrobe malfunction when she was thanking the Idols for her flowers in her short little dress. (Which is probably a shirt since Paula could fit in my pocket she's so tiny.)

The Ford commercial is awful. Stupid song, stupid editing, stupid.

Lil is up first. Ryan walks her to the other side of the stage, but hasn't yet said if she's in the bottom 3. Umm...she's out? Just like that? Holy cow. I thought he was playing some awful trick walking her to the side of the stage and then telling her she wasn't in the bottom three. Instead, she's going home. Huh.

Dial Idol said something completely different:

If you've never heard of it, Dial Idol has software that measures the busy signal on each contestant's phone line. The more busy signals = the more people are voting. It's not perfect, but it is usually a decent predictor. Not so much this year. My theory is that some contestants get far more text message votes than others.

Disco All-Stars? There are Disco All-Stars? I don't know who this poor first woman is, though I've heard this band of gold song on Idol before. And she sounds terrible because she WON'T STOP MOVING. Wow. Thelma Houston missed her cue from the band. She at least sounds decent. Diggity is in physical pain watching this. I can't believe he's still sitting here. I'm in pain because I chose to watch this show live thinking there would be nothing for me to fast forward through. KC from KC and the Sunshine band just came out. I'm not feeling any happiness or sunshine. Neither are his poor dancers. YEEEIKES. They just showed a wide shot and I spied Seacrest trying to dance. That's funny stuff.

I realize I'm typing a lot. No fast forwarding = lots of typing from me. Also, this new "Glee" show from Fox looks like my kind of programming.

Real Results:
Kris Allen - Safe!
Adam Lambert - Safe!
Danny Gokey - Safe!
Anoop Desai - Bottom 3. Again. I think this makes 3 weeks in a row.
Matt Giraud - Safe
Allison Iraheta - Bottom 3. Could we be sending two girls home tonight? She's been in the bottom 3 quite a few times as well.

David Archuleta is singing a song that I find a little lame. Though, if I were 15 I'm sure I would LOVE this song. And he's a little pitchy. He just took one of his ear monitors out and we're doing better now. He's so stinkin' cute.

And the second person going home is Anoop Desai. Sorry, Anoop. I'm sad for him, though I am thrilled with the 5 that are left. I don't think I've ever loved the entire top 5 before.

See you next week!

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Bethie Ann said...

Ok.. i just have to say that David A. has TONS better stage presence now after having been on tour and everything. It looks like he's really enjoying it and is not nearly as awkward in talking and everything. MUCH IMPROVED!

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