Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol - Wild Card

Well, color me surprised! I thought this was a two hour show tonight. But my Tivo says it was a one hour show. Let's get started then.

When Ryan said "Simon, be quiet" in his MC announcer voice, I laughed out loud.

Jesse Langseth - "Tell Me Something Good"
She still bugs me. It's the self-indulgent performance thing. I disagree with Kara. The swagger, if that's what we're going to call it, really bugs me. Simon - I love you. I love it when we agree. She's a totally indulgent performer. I wish I could describe it better. Some people really get into a song and they aren't indulgent. It's like everything she is doing in her performance is to get us to look at her without her connecting with us. It bugs.

Matt Giraud - "Who's Lovin' You"
I'm nervous that he's so early in the show. Maybe since we aren't voting, the lineup isn't as crucial as on a regular performance night. He's channeling Justin Timberlake with that outfit. That was fun. I liked that a lot. The kid has chops. Simon - I hate you. I hate it when we disagree. He sounded nothing like Taylor Hicks.

Megan Corkrey - "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"
STOP DANCING LIKE THAT. It's okay once or twice at the beginning, but not through the whole song. Just my opinon. This is a good song for her. However, Katharine McPhee's amazing performance of this song is so seared in my brain, that I will always love Katharine the most. Paula is starting with "You look beautiful tonight" and gave us no information. I thought for a second they were all going to hate her. But I think they're determined to keep her regardless. I'm cool with that - Utah in the house!

Von Smith - "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word"
Not a good start, dude. He sounds shaky. I understand he has to give himself somewhere to go, but it sounded shaky. His mouth is HUGE. Good grief. That was rough. Poor Von. Buh-bye.

Jasmine Murray - "Reflection"
Not sure this was a good choice. They told her to go more R&B-Rhianna-style. A 10-year-old Christina Aguilera song doesn't really fit that image. Plus, I don't think she's been on pitch yet and we're halfway done. She's sitting right under the pitch - especially on the big notes. Maybe it sounds better in the studio. I think they're determined to keep her too. And Paula is determined to pick a fight with Simon tonight.

Ricky Braddy - "Superstition"
I love this song. He's doing a good job, but he may have done too much with the runs on the melody He definitely showed off his voice, but sometimes we just need to sing the melody. He'll be on the edge.

Tatiana Del Toro - "Saving All My Love for You"
Why does she suddenly sound like Celine Dion? Is it me, or does she have a new accent? She is SO flat in this soft part at the beginning. Now that she's into the loud part, it's a little better. For the dramatic mess that she is, she's not as interesting to watch as she should be when she performs. I'm glad she didn't sound good all the way through. If they do pick her, it's for TV and ratings. Hot mess. Not worth putting her through, in my opinion.

Anoop Desai - "My Perogative"
I adore this kid. I hope he does a great job. I love that he's singing Bobby Brown. That's fantastic. He has a great voice and he's just slightly nerdy enough that watching him sing a song like this is ten kinds of awesome. That was very fun. P.S. I just Googled to find out what Anoop was talking about there at the end with Chapel Hill having a hard day - the UNC student body president, Eve Carson, was killed in what appears to be a mugging last night. Pretty sad story. Very cool of Anoop to say something.

The Wild Cards in the Top 12 are:
Jasmine Murray (I disagree a little bit. I think they just wanted a younger girl.)
Megan Corkrey - Yeeah!!! I'm pretty sure they decided they were keeping her ahead of time, but again, I'm cool with that in her case. :)

Ricky Braddy
Tatiana Del Toro - She's standing in front of the judges table. Good heavens. Hot mess.

The Tivo cut off the end of the show. I'm off to the internets to find out who the third person is...

And who the FOURTH person is!?!?! What?!? The top 12 is now the top 13! I'm now mad at my Tivo for cutting the ending off.

Jesse Langseth (whew! so glad they cut her)
Von Smith (not surprised)

And they kept both Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai! Awesome. I have to say, that's exactly what I would have done too. They were the best ones tonight.

Top 13 next week!! See ya on Tuesday!


Aaron H. said...

This show has driven me to the brink of starting another blog, just to let out my frustration at the WHAT THE?! moments I'm having as this show goes along. But I refrain - leaving it to veterans like you. (This is a singing competition though, right?)

I will say that Megan, Anoop and Scott all can't go home soon enough for me. They are not singers in my opinion. I would have much prefered Felicia and Kristen.

Carry on....

Macy said...

Wow, Kristen? Really? I respectfully disagree. She's a good singer, but she's just done too much karaoke in her life. I don't think she can break out of the mold. Felicia - yes. I'm bugged at that. But if they'd had Felicia on tonight, they couldn't have put Megan and Jasmine in and they really wanted the two of them there for diversity. Like Simon said - they really are casting. Anoop is definitely more of an entertainer than a singer. And I totally disagree with you about Scott.

Bethie Ann said...

ha ha ha... this is too funny. I was watching it back on TiVo and mine cut off.... so i popped on over to your blog to find out the ending before I even checked the internet. bummer for TiVo. I'm going to extend the recording 5 minutes from now on!!!

Jordan said...

Macy this is Jordan, your new blog fan- were you able to watch those final 5 minutes online? It was so awesome to watch Anoop when he was called as the 13th finalist- best moment of the night.

Jo said...

I'm so glad you blog about this. I did the same thing when my DVR cut off at the end, I thought, "I'll just check Macy's blog, she'll know what happened." Plus, your commentary is so much more entertaining than any internet info.

I'm quite happy with everyone they have chosen (for the most part). I'm wondering what you thought of Jackie? I kind of thought she would have been a wild card. She seemed like she would have been a really fun performer/entertainer to watch for a few weeks.

Aselin said...

After your commentary I'm even more excited to watch tonight and then read your postings. This is way more timely than my blog!! Can't wait to compare my plebian amateur thoughts with your accomplished professional ones!

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