Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Week 3 Results

Hi, everybody! The last results show before the Top 12! American Idol will be on again tomorrow night - it's the Wild Card performance show and the judges will choose which 3 go on to the top 12. I'm sure they'll explain it at the end of this show.

Audition montage - these are the same formula with different faces. No need to really comment.

Group Performance - "Hot and Cold" by Katy Perry. Here's to never saying never - I never thought a Katy Perry song would be cause for me to have tears in my eyes for any other reason than I don't like her much. (My friend Jenny says her songs stick in your brain like grout - so true.) And yet, I'm sitting here teary eyed watching the choreography changes they implemented so Scott could participate in the song. And he's doing the movements as well as any of them. I just think that is awesome.

Results - Lil Rounds is up first - and she's in! Dial Idol was right on that one.

Arianna & Taylor are not in. But we knew that, didn't we. Alex Wagner-Trugman is out too. (Muah ha ha! Vote for the Worst is 0 for 3!)

Cute little blonde girl whose name I don't remember is standing with Scott MacIntyre. One of them is in - and it's Scott! YES! (Dial Idol had him as the top guy.) Cute that he wanted Ryan to square his shoulders in the middle of the stage. And Scott's super cute brother is in the Coke room with a girl I've never seen who also looks to be visually impaired. Girlfriend, perhaps? CUTE! I just love him. I love his voice and I love that he knows what to do with his body and his gestures to make himself interesting to watch when that must be a really hard thing to do.

Nathaniel and Kristen are standing now. Kristen tried to go down to the stage and Ryan sent her back. (Umm...Kristen. That means you're sitting right down, so you don't need to go downstage.) No for both of them. Sorry kids. Now Felicia and Von are standing up. Bummer. I liked Felicia. I hope they put her through tomorrow. She's one of the strongest girls. But they're both out.

And now it's between Ju'not and Jorge. Dial Idol gives Ju'not a slight lead, but they couldn't say conclusively. I'm happy with either one here. Whatever happens, it's going to make it hard for the guys to get through on the Wild Card show tomorrow. 6 of the 9 through so far are guys. They're going to want to have more girls in there.

Holy cow. I started fast forwarding because I thought Ryan was going to take a commercial break. Dorkface.

It's Jorge! Cute. I like him. Bummer for Ju'not. Again, they'll put more girls through tomorrow.

Now Ryan is going to talk about the Wild Card show. Contestants they liked from past weeks are in the Red Room. I saw Meghan Corkrey up there! Utah in the house!

Back from commercial and we're randomly walking the top 9 down the stairs and to the stools. Why? They moved everyone upstairs. 8 of the contestants waiting upstairs will come back and sing tomorrow night. Simon is talking about how important the wild card choices are to make things more fair. Mentions that Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken were both wild cards. So was Carmen Rasmusen. She ended up doing pretty well.

Von Smith is the first one. Wow. Surprised. He did a good job last night though. I can't believe how huge his mouth is when he sings.
Jasmine Murray is next. Not surprised. I knew they liked her. They need a commercial, young girl in there. I hope she picks a better song this time. She stunk last time.
Ricky Braddy is third. He was awesome. He was on a rough show.
Meghan Corkrey!!! Wooooooo!!!! Awesome.

Man. I feel badly for the people who were flown back in for this and aren't going to be picked. And I feel REALLY bad for the five people who won't make it through tomorrow. Also, I thought the judges were going to pick from 12 people, but it makes sense that they are going to choose from a group of 8. They have to pick the final 3 tomorrow night and they'll need time in the show to announce that.

Person number 5 is...Tatiana Del Toro. I knew they would put her though. Boooo...she's is such a hot mess. Good grief. She does have a good voice, but what a mess.
Matt Giraud!!! YES!!! I love him. I wanted to punch him for his song choice last time, but if he sings in his style, he's amazing. I hope he does well.
Jesse Langseth. That surprises me. She was a last minute change, evidently. I really, really want to know who they switched her for.
ANOOP!!! I knew they'd bring him back. He was in a tough group too. Rickey at is SO excited right now.

Boo. I wish they had put Felicia Barton through instead of Jesse, Tatiana or Jasmine. And I'm a little surprised they picked 4 guys and 4 girls. Not that there were stronger girls to put in there. Other than Felicia, of course.

Tomorrow will be....interesting. See you then!

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