Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol - Top 11 Results Show

Ryan tells me the results may shock me. Then again, they may not. Then I looked at Dial Idol and decided they may actually shock me. I'll wait until I hear the actual results to let you know if I'm shocked. I am shocked that I like Paula's hair and I'm not terrified of her outfit.

Show Recap! Randy Travis says this group is strong. I have to agree. I like more people this year at this point than I ever have before.

Group Performance! Scott is playing the piano for the boys. Another clever way to keep him from dancing. It's kind of crazy that there are only 4 girls right now. Probably because in past years they have an even number of guys and girls going into the top 12. This year, it's all popular votes coming out of the top 36.

Ford Commercial! Water balloon fight! Ford cars are so much fun! And so clean when the water balloon fight is over!

Behind the scenes of the rejection from last week! It does show a nice personal side. And how nice that they go to dinner afterward. Face masks to protect everyone from Megan during rehearsal. Smart singers.

Danny Gokey is safe! As if...
Lil Rounds is safe!
Anoop Desai is safe! Again, as if...he has a HUGE fan base right now.
Allison Iraheta and Michael Sarver stand together. Allison is in the bottom 3. Michael is also in the bottom 3 Ok, Seacrest. You did actually surprise me with that one. Dial Idol has Michael Sarver well out of the bottom 3.

Brad Paisley sings. I like him, but I'm tired. I like his upbeat songs more than his ballads. Boo doop!

More Results:
Scott MacIntyre is safe!
Megan Joy is safe!! Go Utah!
Matt Giraud is safe!! Sweet. I like him.
Kris Allen is safe! Again, I like him.
Alexis Grace and Adam Lambert are the last two on the couch. Ooohhh...crusty look from Alexis when Randy got her name wrong. Alexis is in the bottom 3, Adam is safe. (Whew!)

Allison gets sent back to the safety of the couch.
Alexis and Michael are the bottom 2. Dial Idol has Alexis lower than Michael. Hmmmm...

Carrie Underwood! Carrie - you're so pretty! Not a fan of the haircut, though. Carrie is singing with Randy Travis. I've never heard her sing this song - it's one of Randy Travis' huge songs. Kind of considered untouchable, but she recorded it on her last album. Carrie rocked that. She's technically an outstanding singer, and she's a great performer. And she's pretty.

Final Results - Alexis Grace is going home...or is she? I think they're going to save her if she sings well. She's still pretty pitchy starting out. I can't imagine how nervous she must be. These have to be hard lyrics to sing given the situation she is in right now. She didn't sing very well though.

Nope. Not going to save her. Wow. She was being pushed as a possible top 4. Only three girls in the top 10. Wow. I'm not gonna lie - I'm slightly shocked.


Programming note: President Obama is speaking next Tuesday, so Idol will be on Wednesday and Thursday next week.


Shelley said...

Do you think the judges pulled the whole "we were thinking about saving you" stuff for drama? I wonder if they already had their minds made is early in the competition.

Macy said...

I think they may have saved her if she had sung well. They really like her and they really needed to hang on to some of the girls. I think the "we might save you" drama was completely contrived last week. There was no way they were going to save either of those two.

Whitney Johnson said...

Completely off topic -- yes, disappointed about Alexis Grace getting the boot -- do you know what you want your "You are Awesome" poster to say, which colors you want, and which animal. She says it's limited time only!

.:.The Bjorkmans.:. said...

Um pretty sure I was so upset for Alexis when Randy got her name wrong! I mean seriously!?! He needs to give her like a fruit basket or something lol And then to send her home? How sad.

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