Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Week 2 Results

I'm watching the results show on Friday morning with my friends Dana and CRob. Yes, I DO love them to wait and watch the results show this morning instead of last night. :)

We have done our run down of the performance show and we're ready to watch.

Poor Ryan is sick. Get some sleep, dude.

I was wondering how they were going to keep last week's winners visible - they are waiting in the weird spaceship Top 12 seats.

Dana and CRob like Normund Gentle. I like him, but didn't vote for him.

It's kind of interesting to see the recap of their journey so far. Since a few of these people didn't show up in the audition footage, it's a little weird to see them auditioning now.

Group Performance - "Closer" by Ne-Yo
This could be bad. They sound good. Nick Mitchell lost the words. Hee hee. Matt and Adam are in the front because they have the moves. These group performances really reveal awkwardness. Welder (can't remember his name) has no rhythm. Also, just noticed that Matt Giraud looks an awful lot like Michael Buble. The girls lucked out with lyrics on this song. Super easy. Nick is HIGH-LARIOUS. I really love Adam Lambert.

Last night's recap - Nice to see the backstage stuff. Sad to see all that awkward singing and onstage movement in such a concentrated format.

We don't like Jesse. She's annoying.

Allison is first. Ryan, you're annoying. Don't quote Randy. Allison is pulled to the side, and they bring Jesse down. Now, Jesse is by Allison and Matt B. comes down. Allison is through!!! She gets to sing again. The one bright spot of this year's format is that we don't have to listen to the rejects again. Allison sounds even better than Wednesday.

Megan and Kris are next. This doesn't bode well to have both of them down front this early. Now, Matt Giraud and Janine are down front. And all are scooted to the side. One of the four is in the top 12. It's not Janine, it's not Matt G. It's either Kris or Megan. Kara rambles...and the person that is through is Kris. Poor Megan. Maybe they'll bring her back for the Wild Card. Kris is so excited he's jumping while he sings. Cute. We're wondering if he is LDS. Does anyone know?

Idol retrospective video clip over past season. Lame. Double lame because they already showed it on another episode.

Brooke White is here! You're so pretty, Brooke. She's here to drop her single, "Hold Up My Heart." We're talking about her dress because this is kind of a boring song. I'm sad that's her first single. It sounds like it belongs in the 70s. And she was kind of smiling through some pretty sad lyrics. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Last set of results - They're going to bring everybody else down. Nick, Kai, Mishavonna, Adam & Jasmine. If it's not Adam, I'm going to be angry. It looks like from the order that they are standing in that he is probably okay. He talked to Mishavonna, Kai and then skipped over to Jasmine. The three of them are going home so it can be Nick vs. Adam. And now a commercial break to add to the tension...and Adam is in the top 12. Woot!!!


rebecca said...

We had a couple other shows recording, so I only saw the 1st 1/2 your notes. I have to say that I loved Allison, but from her performance last night I think her weakness is singing anything that's not booming. She was awesome and drew in the croud when the song picked up and she was rightly loud and strong, but the lead up stanzas had me wondering what the future will hold. I love her hair; she's a cute girl & reminded me of Kelly C....I think overall she has great potential.
Christina's calling for AI recordings now that the voting's on:)

Nana said...

I thought this was a weaker group than the first week...I won't miss anyone, except Norman Gentle, who should be there purely for entertainment and not in the competition.

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