Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol - Top 36, Week 1 Results

WARNING - If you don't live on the East Coast, the results of tonight's AI are included in this post. Stop reading if you want to watch it first. But come back and read it later. :)

A group number? This early? I liked it, I'm just surprised.

I really like Anoop. Tatiana is nutty. Dial Idol has Danny Gokey as the top boy and Alexis Grace as the top girl. They're not sure on the third person. We'll see if their right.

Casey Carlson - OUT
Stephen Fowler - OUT
(Sort of tough that they have to sit on the stage once they are eliminated.)
Alexis Grace - IN! Dial Idol has it so far. And nice that the people who make it through get to sing again instead of us having us listen to the crappy people that got voted off. This is a huge improvement at this stage in the show.
Ricky Braddy & Jackie Tohn - Both OUT. That was unnecessarily cruel to bring them both up.
Anoop Desai & Michael Sarver - Anoop is OUT (waahhh) and Michael is IN. I'm sad about this one. 20,000 votes separating them. That explains why Dial Idol couldn't call the third place vote getter. I'm sure Anoop will be on the wild card show.

Random Filler Time:
  • Taped Package of the opening of the new American Idol experience at Disney World. Carrie, you're so pretty! :)
  • Carly Smithson & Michael Johns are here! I think they sang this on tour, from what I remember reading. Meh. I didn't like it.
Back to Results:
Stevie Wright, Brent Keith and Ann Marie Boscovitch all had to stand up at their seats and sit right back down. All OUT. Rude, Ryan. That was rude.

Of course they are going to finish the show with Danny and Tatiana center stage with one spot left. And we're going to commercial. Ryan, you're lame. Obviously, Danny got the most votes, but watching Tatiana lose it could be fun.

(It doesn't help that I'm watching this without a Tivo buffer and I have to sit through the commercials. Though, I did get to see the version of the Subway commercial where my cute former student Brianne Healey is one of the dancers and there is a closeup of her at the end.)

Tatiana is standing there flipping her hair and on the verge of tears. Wow. She's amazing. Not in a good way.
Danny = IN and Tatiana = OUT And looks like she may faint and is very upset. She's being shepherded offstage by Jackie Tohn. Thanks, Jackie. Though, they keep cutting to her watching Danny sing and she looks like a wreck. She's sobbing and not clapping and hiding behind Stevie. Lame. If they bring her back for the wild card, I'm going to be annoyed.

Speaking of the wild card, I've been looking for information everywhere to figure out what is happening with the show as far as who will be on and how they will advance. I finally found this via Wikipedia:
However, the semifinals will see the biggest change as the Wild Card round returns for the first time since American Idol (season 3). Also, there will be 36 semi-finalists picked instead of 24. They will be divided into 3 groups of 12. The groups of 12 will perform on Tuesday. At the conclusion of each results show on Wednesday, the male and female semifinalists who received the highest number of home viewers votes for their previous night's performance will instantly become a Top 12 finalist. In addition, another semifinalist that had received the next-highest number of votes after the performance episode — regardless of gender — will also become a finalist. In the wild card round, the next highest finishers plus other eliminated semi-finalists will return for one more chance to compete. The judges will pick the 3 performers left that they consider the best. No voting by the public will be done at this stage.

Interesting. Very interesting....I can't say that I hate this new system, but I feel badly that these kids get one week to perform and then get thrown into the pressure of the Top 12. Not to mention that some of my favorite performances have come from Top 24 weeks. (David Archuleta's "Imagine" for example)

See you next week! (Wednesday and Thursday instead of Tuesday and Wednesday for some reason.)


Staci said...

love your recaps. Ricky was a big mistake, hopefully he comes back. Tatiana makes me throw up in my mouth. also, have serious coveting and admiration for the new site. making a respectable site for my photographic work is on the list... sigh. yours looks FAB. congrats!

Nana said...

Thanks to your recaps, I am an Idol watcher this year. Only 3 out of that 12 seemed a little stiff...I guess they can't make it a nightly show.
Tatiana was entertaining to watch, but not enough to sit through several weeks, so good riddance.

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