Saturday, January 24, 2009

Things I Learned Watching the Miss America Pageant

  1. If the Opening Number is awful, nothing good is coming afterward. Turn the TV off. (In this case, awful = Mario Lopez awkwardly dancing among the contestants to "Four Seconds" by Madonna and Justin Timberlake. I watched far longer than I should have because I liked the song.)
  2. If the contestant introductions seem particularly awful, nothing good is coming afterward. Turn the TV off.
  3. If you've only heard of two of the judges (the fabulous Laura Bell Bundy and Ken Paves - hairdresser to Jessica Simpson. I had also heard of the former Miss America, Nicole Johnson. But since I've seen the pageant almost every year since I was 6, that doesn't count. Most normal people haven't heard of Nicole Johnson.), perhaps that is also a bad sign. Turn the TV off.
I'm not going to tell you who won, in case you care to watch it and haven't seen it yet. I will say that it was my least favorite talent and I can't believe she won.

I may not watch next year.

I probably will though.


Molly said...

I'm just getting started, and I can't believe Miss Utah winked at the camera. Why was Mario even on the stage for the opening number? Yikes.

Annie said...

The only thing I got out of it was a desire to buy a set of hot rollers again. My stylist made me toss them, but you can't recreate that full-haired fabulousness with anything else.

Michelle said...

Looks like we had differing opinions on this years pageant. While I'll admit that there were definitely some cringe-worthy moments (including the eventual winner's talent) I thought it was an overall improvement. The last two pageants just about did me in, this year drew me back in a little. Also, I have kind of gotten over bad talents winning, as history has shown us nothing if not that a bad singer can, and will, win Miss America. ;-)

Michelle said...

P.S. IMO, there was at least one talent that was FAR worse.

Yvonne said...

I didn't even know that it was on ; )

rebecca said...

I couldn't listen to all of Miss TN's full performance. I did change the channel & ended up watching "Psyche" on the DVR. Very funny:)

Happy Heidi said...

You are so funny! Had no idea it was on! And actually - dont' care who won!

Macy said...

Molly - Yes. Yikes.

Annie - I am hot roller impaired, but I do believe you about the full-hair fabulousness. You exhibit it daily.

Michelle - I guess the reality show aspect of the pageant really got to me this year. I love TLC and all, but it was a bit much. There were definitely talents that were worse. I was already discouraged when Miss Indiana got up to sing. When she stretched out her arms as though on the cross while singing "the crowd pressed in to see the man condemned to die on Galilee," my jaw hit the floor. Then there were some yiichy notes after that. Oh well.

Yvonne & Heidi - you're probably the better for not knowing when it was on. My grandma and mom were both hostesses for the Miss Utah pageant when I was little, so I grew up with a love for the pageant before I ever competed in one.

Rebecca - I should have turned it off at several points. I felt like I was watching a train wreck. Psych looks funny. I have too many shows already, but if I drop one, I'll check it out. :)

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