Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AI - SLC Edition

I normally have a strict "no audition episode" blogging policy when it comes to American Idol. I wait until we're through Hollywood weeks and the voting starts. But, the judges are in my home state. I gotta make an exception.

Before we begin, I have to say that I'm enjoying the new judge so far. I have some contestants I'm rooting for. And my favorite moment to this point was when Ryan tried to high five the blind kid. It was mainly the look on Ryan's face when he realized what he had done and the very kind, totally understanding look on the face of the blind kid.

On with the show!
  • Holy crowd shot outside the Delta Center. Good grief! That's a lot of blonde hair, white teeth and Shade shirts in one camera shot.
  • The pregnant moms waiting for Simon is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen.
  • We're leading with David Osmond! Big guns first! (P.S. One of my favorite photographers in Utah posted a photo session she did with David this week. Check it out here.) Sad that David has MS too. I had no idea. He sounded good. They really gave him a hard time for that Golden Ticket.
  • Yeouch. Goth girl is making me sad. Curly haired lip licking guy was scary too. Why is American Idol such a freak magnet? And the kid with the pink bunny suit? Come on!
  • Go Utah! I love this politeness, happy people theme that is going through the episode.
  • Totally rooting for dreadlock girl. I'm crying right now watching her backstory. And her voice reminds me of Natalie Merchant, who I love. She does need to amp up the vocals, but she's adorable.
And this is why I don't blog audition shows. Not much to talk about.

In other news, we had another snow day today. I'll post some pictures of G-Man having a wonderful time "helping" Diggity shovel later. And I'm spending most of my time trying to make sure my songs are memorized for my cabaret show this Friday. I'm very, very close. If I'm feeling particularly brave and saucy, I may post a video clip for you. But I don't feel brave and saucy very often, so best not to count on it. :)


LL said...

was this on tonight??? 'i'm so sad I missed it...i love to see lots of blond hair, white teeth and shade shirts...that IS Utah. I love Utah!
Hopefully C-rob recorded it, I wanna see!

Aaron H. said...

3 words:

George from Jacksonville.

rebecca said...

I missed it! Today I saw that David A. is coming to MA in March. I might have to take Christina:)

Bethie Ann said...

ok... sad to say that we spent this much time, but if you scroll through the crowd shots slowly, you can see my little brother, Jon, in a few of them... He did it mostly just for the experience, but said the crowd shots were so much fun to do.

Shelley said...

I thoroughly enjoy American Idol...but between Cub Scouts, Institute, and no TIVO...I missed it...yet again. :(

Macy said...

Laura - I'm sure C-Rob recorded it. I can probably still restore it from the deleted programs on my Tivo if she doesn't have it.
Aaron - totally can't remember which one he is, but I believe you.
Rebecca - I'll go with you and Christina. :)
Bethie - I love that Jon went to audition. What a stud. I may have to look back through the crowd shots.
Shelley - you need a Tivo. ;) Sorry you missed it.

Yvonne said...

Good luck with your cabaret show--I'm sure you'll be great.

Grandpa Toad said...

Tomorrow is Cabaret Day!! Good luck and break a leg (guess that is a real possibility with all the ice back East, so be careful) and good luck your show. Please tivo it so we can see it when we get there. Love Dad

Amanda said...

Ahh, I didn't know you were doing a cabaret show again! I loved seeing the first one. I was just telling Laney the other day about your first one in Boston because Laney is taking a Sondheim seminar right now.

Jo said...

Your fav. parts have been mine too. I could not get over Ryan High-fiving the darling blind boy. Not his best moment, but oh so funny for the rest of us. I'm looking forward to all the upcoming American Idol commentary from you- it's classic!

Whitney Johnson said...

I missed American Idol due to a power outage.... Agreed, I think someone should have an after-party!

Can't wait for Miss Macy's cabaret act!

Staci said...

shade shirts in one shot. laughing.

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