Sunday, January 18, 2009

ANOTHER snow day


Our neighborhood looks like this again. This picture is from before Christmas, but not much has changed. Our outside decorations are still up. We came back from Utah and still had lots of snow, (actually, the original snow melted and then two days before we came home it snowed again) so we couldn't take them down. And then the COLD came. It's been downright frigid this week. Skin-freezing-in-less-than-10-minutes-cold. Overnight, it warmed up enough to snow, and we got hammered again. What was supposed to be a light snow has already turned into 6 inches and it's still coming down. They can't keep the roads plowed because it's Sunday and our church sits at the bottom of a hill that is also difficult to keep plowed, so no church for us again. This is the third snow day from church we've had this winter. It's kind of crazy.

We're settling in for a long winter's nap. Have a great Sunday!


Dana said...

Isn't it AWESOME! It's the one good weather-related thing about living in New England. Though lets face it, the snow is never this fluffy for this many snow storms. It's because it's so STINKIN COLD! Have a good nap. Me too.

Shelley said...

Hey, I wouldn't mind long Sunday naps!

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