Sunday, January 18, 2009

21 Months Old



I've kind of been a slacker on the letter front the last few months. I started taking pictures and writing letters to document how much you were changing and how much you were learning each month, but in the last few months it doesn't seem as though that change is occurring so rapidly.

Then I see a picture like this one that we took on January 18 last year, and I can see that the change is dramatic:


For a while, you've been saying the same words and phrases, but you have suddenly come up with an explosion of words and behaviors since returning from Utah.


One of my favorite new things is that you will actually look at me when I'm taking a picture and will say "cheese!" It's so much easier than chasing you around and ending up with a bunch of shots of your eyelashes as you look at the ground. (I mean, your eyelashes are beautiful and everything, but I'd rather have you look at me.) Also, you want to see your picture on the LCD screen of my camera right after I take the picture.


You suddenly love juice. Apple juice. Up to this point, you would only drink water and milk. Now you will drink 3 or 4 sippy cups full a day if I would let you. But I won't. I've noticed a considerable uptick in the number of soaked diapers in the morning. You're quite helpful when it comes time to put your diaper in the diaper genie though.


The smile is so cute!! Look at all those teeth! You've been drooling like crazy this week, but we can't imagine that you have any more teeth that need to break through.


You notice the snow and calls it "nooow." We had fun watching it through the window today. You want to go outside and play in it constantly. Hopefully, it will warm up around here this week and we can go out and play in the snow.


You're mimicing the things we say all the time. Which means we have to be more careful of what we say. I'm pretty sure I heard you say "shoot" the other day when you got frustrated by something you were trying to do. Your dad and I laugh and laugh and you laugh with us when we get you to say something funny just because we said it. The highlight of the week was when we got you to say "awesome!" Now we are working on your vocal inflection and volume when you mimic us. It's endless entertainment.


You've had a lot of colds so far this winter. Only a couple that have been really troubling. But you've been sporting the snotty nose look on a regular basis for the past week. And I see you from this angle a lot. We were playing on the floor and you decided to sit on me. You are so sweet about sitting next to me on the couch to watch TV and you love to give hugs. Your favorite book to read is "Hug" by Jez Alborough. You pick it up off the shelf and say "Bobo" and then read through the whole thing with me or by yourself. It's so fun to watch you babble the story to yourself. You always interrupt yourself to give hugs while you're reading, and you continue to give them throughout the day. And sometimes you lay your head on my shoulder and snuggle - even when you are feeling great and you are happy. And that's about the best thing in the world.


You've also decided that wherever you go, I must go too. You're pulling on the drawstrings of my pajama pants to try and get me to go somewhere new with you. It's a struggle for me to always go with you - especially when I think I have more important things to do. But then I remember that the day will come when you don't want me to go with you wherever you go. So I go.

I love you, buddy.


LL said...

I'm still laughing at him saying "HI" when you switched seats the other if you were a new friend in a new chair.
cute little guy!!!

Yvonne said...

Snuggles are THE BEST!!!

He is growing up way, way too fast.

Grammy said...

Such a cute boy - we had so much fun with him at Christmas and can't wait for our visit.

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