Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed In

We've been walloped. It's pretty deep out there. I don't think the snow has stopped since it started in the afternoon on Friday. G-Man thinks it's pretty great. He and I went out to do some shoveling this afternoon while Diggity was digging out the church building (even though it turned out that church was canceled for today. Yup. Snow day from church. Not the first time this has happened either.) I was pretty impressed with G-Man's endurance in the cold. His face got pretty red and he still hung in there. He wanted to explore the cul-de-sac and help me with the digging.

Some shots from the very start of the storm on Friday afternoon:





Drink some cocoa and enjoy the winter wonderland!


Yvonne said...

Looks like fun times are ahead. We're praying that the skies are good on Tuesday and Wednesday.

rebecca said...

Macy, you could make a cool picture book from these snow pictures. I love the look, and I'm sure there will be "a few" more snow days this winter to add more photos. We ordered the free Snapfish book a while ago and will give the kids a photo book for Christmas, but the photo book from iPublishing that we made for Wayne's mom earlier this year was better quality (so we think).

Shelley said...

It started snowing this week for us too...but not as much as you have! Church was canceled for us once last year, all of the preisthood was outside shoveling the neighborhood!

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