Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Joy to Everyone

I came across this beautiful song and video while I was on the BYU website a couple weeks ago. When I saw the music was by Stephen Jones and the photography was by Mark Philbrick, I had to check it out.

Bro. Jones had a daughter in the band program at American Fork Jr. High when I taught there and we commissioned him to write an original piece for our annual Grand Concert in 2006. Mark Philbrick is the official photographer for BYU. When I was in Young Ambassadors (15 years ago - ouch!), Mark met up with us in Moscow and followed us around for a couple days. He took pictures of us interacting with people, performing and sightseeing. My favorite picture he took was one of the whole group - he had us join hands and walk down a hill near St. Basil's Cathedral. The colorful spires of the cathedral are right above our heads as we walk down the hill. Somewhere I have a terrible photocopy of the final image. I'll try to dig it up. Anyway, he's an amazing photographer and gets to travel the world taking pictures of BYU performing groups and other student activities. Pretty much the coolest job ever.

You can read the full story of the creation of this song and music video here. It's pretty neat. Definitely take the time to watch the video. If you want to download the song or the video for yourself, visit here.

*Also, my cousin Sarah shows up in the video for about two seconds in a picture Mark took of the Folk Dance team. That was pretty fun to see.


Shelley said...

Thanks for the link! The lady that sings that song is in my ward. We get spoiled with some good musical numbers! :) Have a great Christmas!

Katie said...

Love that video.. it's Jenny Jordon Frogley singing, right. ALso, my cute nephew, Jaremy is in it too. He was the guy holding the Chinese child... it was also taken during a Young Ambassador tour. GREAT video.

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