Sunday, October 5, 2008

Portrait Assignment #3

This assignment was about backlight. After discovering a few things in my practice session with G-Man, I felt confident about getting the assignment done.

Amanda was kind enough to help me with this assignment. If you are interested, you can check out more of her session here. (It's a new blog I've been working on for the past week or so. That way, I can put all my pictures over on that blog and get back to rambling here about how wonderful my family is and how much I love Project Runway. You know. Important stuff.)

Ok. Back to the assignment...

Set 1. Photograph a person in a backlit situation both with and without a reflector. It is your choice which reflector will work for the concept of your photo.

Backlight - No Reflector

Backlight - With Reflector

Teacher Critique: Macy, lovely images and wonderful models! You did a very good job with the lighting. In #1 you say there is no reflector but I can see it in the catch light of the eye. It's low, so it's a bit "monster" light and you can see how the underside of her nose is lit up and there are shadows at the top of her cheeks. Maybe you put the reflector down and didn't realize that it was still catching light. In #2 I can see the catch light but it's still a bit low. Try putting the reflector at a higher angle for better overall light. The backlighting is terrific in these shots and the wind blowing her hair and the expressions are just wonderful!

My Reaction: I actually noticed the reflector on the ground in picture #1 when I was editing some other shots from this same pose. I couldn't figure out why the catch light in her eyes was so low - it was the reflector lying on the grass. I had no idea it was catching light. Lesson learned. And the reflector is a bit low in shot 2 as well. Amanda did a great job holding it for me while she posed and still managed to keep it out of the frame. I need to get a stand... And the wind in her hair on the second shot is awesome. She's a total supermodel.

Other Classmates' Comments: (I got comments! Woo hoo!)
- Fabulous expression, love the wind in the hair and the way the light is hitting her. Beautiful, clean skin, too. Just lovely.

- Gorgeous portrait! This has it all - expression, beautiful skin tones, movement... lovely!

Set 2: Create an image using garage door or porch lighting. Your choice for concept: it could be dramatic, or fun or pretty.

The garage door and the porch were in full sun and I didn't have fabric to put behind her to put her inside the garage, so we used the front door instead. She is sitting on the threshold and leaning against the doorframe. I'm standing above so she is looking up at me. I've decided this is one of the most flattering ways to shoot people. At an angle, looking up.

Teacher Comments: The porch lighting in #3 works so beautifully. Great skin tones, good light in the eyes, lovely pose, crop and smile. Terrific shot!

My Reaction: Woo hoo!

Other Classmates' Comments:
- Excellent photos, all! This one is my favorite- beautiful light and I love the diagonal line of the eyes.

- Gorgeous portrait! All your photos are excellent! She looks so natural, and what a flattering pose!

- This is one of my favorites. Very nice pose and highlights.

Set 3: Shoot in the shade, not backlit, not window, not garage door. Your choice with or without reflector

I didn't worry about getting a shot of Amanda in the shade because I knew I had this shot of Kate. This was taken at the bottom of their slide in full shade behind the house. There is light from above reflecting off the side of the house, but that's it. I was happy when I saw this shot.

Teacher Comments: #4 is just precious. Whatever the lighting is here, sky light or some bounce, it is gorgeous. The pose, expression and cool, literally cool, background and selective focus work together so very well. Your images have such a great and positive feeling to them. The viewer can't help but smile when they look at them!

My Reaction: Woo hoo again! I finally feel like I "got" the assignment this week. I'm glad I took the time to practice with G-Man. I need to make sure I keep practicing specific things when I am shooting so I don't forget all the stuff I have learned.

Other Classmates' Comments:
- Great photos this week!!! This one is my favorite! You cannot tell that it is a slide. I love her expression! It looks like it could be a picture in a magazine!

- I would have never guessed about the slide. Great idea! Lovely portrait.

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