Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Could Be a Winner!

We have wonderful neighbors. It's one of the reasons we picked this house. We are lucky enough to live on a culdesac and are surrounded by families and couples that are nice to us and love to see G-Man walking around outside.

When G-Man was born, our neighbors came over bearing food and gifts. I was a little overwhelmed by their kindness. Our neighbor Lynne came over with such an amazing gift - a shopping bag filled with blankets she had sewn for G-Man. He had just outgrown the blankets I had been swaddling him in and they were the perfect size and weight for the summer and fall months. They're the perfect weight and size to travel with and he uses one every night. She invited us over the other day to have him pick out fabric for a toddler size blanket. He narrowed it down to a print with balls and one with fire engines and trucks. After much deliberation, he pointed to the fire engines. She brought us the finished blanket within the hour. I'll post a picture of him with it later this week.

So, why am I telling you this other than to make you jealous that you don't live in my awesome neighborhood? :) I'm telling you this because Lynne and her daughter Sue have an amazing company that they started where Lynne's blankets are fashioned into "cakes" and can be presented as a shower gift or baby gift. You have to see the website or check out their blog. They have different colors and sizes to choose from and each cake even ships with an adorable nutrition label. They're amazing.

And, if you hurry over to Bloggy Giveaways before Tuesday, you can win one to give to someone you know that is having a baby.

Or, you can keep it for yourself.


LL said...

SO cute!
I'm glad you guys live in such a nice neighborhood, your culdasac is IDEAL for kids!

.:.The Bjorkmans.:. said...

OMG How cute!! I'm so so so glad you posted this!! I'm looking for cute blankets for my twins because it's bound to be freezing here in Sun Valley *ironic I know* so I just might purchase some of these!!
-Becca Clark Bjorkman

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