Monday, September 15, 2008

Afternoon Walk

We have a little tradition at our house. When the mail comes each afternoon, G-Man and I go out to get the mail and go on a little walk down the street. He loves to walk down the street and look for sticks. And it is an especially good walk if we see one of the neighborhood cats. G-Man loves going outside so much. I'm not sure what we are going to do when the weather turns cold...

Afternoon Walk - August 27, 2008

Diggity thinks it looks like my arm got chopped off in a horrible accident in this picture. Don't be scared - I'm just holding the camera. I toyed with the idea of cloning an arm for myself in Photoshop, but decided that may look even more odd.

It was a good stick collecting day that day.

And since we found Paul the Cat, a very good walk indeed.


Neal said...

Great pics, honey. If only we could train him to gather firewood with those sticks ; )

Bethie Ann said...

Oh Ms. Macy! All of your photographs are so amazing. you really have talent. It also helps that you have such willing and handsome subject. Although the second to last pic looks like G-man is plotting something a little... evil? ha ha. so cute... will you do the photos at my wedding? ;)

Grammy said...

What fun pictures - I really love the one of G-man with Paul the cat. Looks like G-man is telling Paul a wonderfully funny story but Paul dosen't seem to be impressed -cats rarely are.

Dana said...

Don't worry about your armless picture - Gman doesn't have a left one, so you guys match!

My bread and jam are SOOOOO yummy. You can be my friend any time. I love it! Let me know when the butter churn works again...

Yvonne said...

THANKS FOR THE PICS!!! Little boys just love sticks.

Give him a bug hug from this grandma--she sure loves him.

(BTW that comment the other day was me, not allan ; )

Emily said...

Sometimes I wonder why I buy toys, sticks seem to be so much more fun

Macy said...

Neal - Come home please. We miss you.
Bethie - He does look evil in that picture, doesn't he? I'm so glad you like the pictures. You let me know when your wedding date is and I'll see what I can do. I hope to have a real life photography business by then. :)
Grammy - that made me laugh. It does look like he is telling Paul a story. Paul finds things even less impressive than the average cat. He's pretty boring.
Dana - Glad you like the bread and jam. The churn may be permanently out of commission.
Yvonne - You are welcome. I made sure I had lots of pictures because I did a couple in a row without G-Man pictures.
Emily - agreed. He has way more fun with sticks than with some of his toys.

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