Monday, September 8, 2008

Robisons, Part 1

I'm starting a portrait class online this week, and I've been trying to get in as much practice as I can before it begins. I took my camera to our cousins' house on Friday and got some pictures of some of the kids. (LL - There are some shots of J. in here too. I took some of C. & J. together that I'm still working on.) I'm still editing, but here are some favorites so far:


Becca said...

These turned out so nice. I'd love to hear how your class goes.

Stacie said...

Gorgeous. I love the swing ones, rope ones, and that last one (WOW) the best. You are a fantastic photographer!

Whitney Johnson said...

They are terrific. Agree -- the last one of E is AMAZING!

LL said...

had I known...i could have at least COMBED my daughters hair :)
Although I love my child and think she's beautiful, my FAVORITE is the picture of Kate with the yellow rope!!! and of course, the last one of Emily. she's such a pretty gal.
Can't wait to hear about the class.

Happy Heidi said...

Macy - These are beautiful! I have been dying to learn how to take better pictures/portraits. I just love the emotion that a good picture can capture. Let me know how your class goes.

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