Monday, September 8, 2008

Camp Joseph - Day 4

Monday morning, we had a breakfast together hosted by the High Priests Group. We were already awake and basically packed, so Diggity, G-Man and I went down to help. (I didn't help so much as offer moral support and take pictures of everyone. But my presence was felt.)

KM enjoys some delicious hot chocolate

Bro. B, Bro. B, and Pres. A discuss the fine art of cooking scrambled eggs properly

Bishop Robison and Bro. M don't believe a word of it

G-Man and Diggity help by cleaning the tables as we wait for our delicious breakfast

Bishop and Bro. B sweep up the mess

A. and D. tell some delightful stories

The H. Family tent was in the path of some pranksters that struck during breakfast. Luckily, the tent was empty.

The B. family camp was pranked as well. Lots of pranks at Camp Joseph this year...

After breakfast, we finished packing the car, cleaned up and checked out of our little cabin. We had lunch with our Robison cousins at Wendy's. We also stopped at Kimball Farm for some delicious ice cream. It's worth driving to from our house, but since we were passing by we HAD to stop. Plus, it was hot and you have to have ice cream on Labor Day, don't you?

I didn't take this picture, but this is an accurate representation of what the lines looked like.
They may have been longer. What you can't see is that there are 15 windows to buy the ice cream and that each one has a line about 10 people deep. Totally worth the wait.

After our wait in line, eating our delicious ice cream and a nice walk around the grounds, we finally headed home to start the cleanup process. I just finished yesterday. (Just kidding - sort of.) We had a great time at Camp Joseph and can't wait to go back next year!


Becca said...

I love Kimball's, but have only been to the one in Carlisle. Biggest scoops ever!

Zoo Keeper said...

Are you completly off of DC (diet coke)???? I am so proud of you! How do you feel? I need an intervention! Hey your pictures are awesome! Your getting good!

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