Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Portrait Assignment #1

Our first assignment for class was pretty tricky. We had to photograph an example of the four primary portrait lighting patterns - split, Rembrandt, loop and butterfly. If you're interested in learning more about the four patterns, you can Google them or click here and read an explanation from my teacher. I don't promise that it will make sense, but you can check it out.

I acquired a super hot model to help me with my first assignment:

Split Lighting

Rembrandt Lighting

Loop Lighting

Butterfly Lighting

My instructor was very kind about the portraits I ended up with. She said the light source (the window) was too big and that made it difficult to see the specific lighting patterns we were supposed to photograph. Instead of getting four different patterns, she said they are all the loop pattern in different variations. You can tell by looking at the catchlight in Diggity's eyes - it is in the same place in every picture. She did say that picture 4 was a perfect loop. Except it is supposed to be a butterfly pattern. This was the best part of the review though - she said "It's obvious that you have a great rapport with your subject and the ability to direct them to achieve the expressions you want."

If she only knew...

We're going to re-do the assignment in front of a smaller window that will allow me to control the light on his face a little better. And I'm hoping to shoot my next assignment with reflectors later this week. It's been a good exercise to have to think about the light this much.


Aaron H. said...

definitely SPLIT

LL said...

i love that your posting stuff from class. It will be fun to see the things you learn.

aaronandsharla said...

great job on the photos. I am going to have to bite the bullet one day and get a DSLR camera AND take a class. aahh...someday we'll have the $ for it.

Ann Dee said...

I think your photos are amazing. I'm jealous!

Staci said...

oooh mama, very jealous of yo class. i am a student as well but flying solo, i bet learning with some guidance is awesome! I love the pic above of g-man and his little friend. my current philosphy: everytime i don't bring my camera places i am sad. every time i do i am glad.

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