Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Photography Contest! Help!

Just for fun, I'm going to enter a photography contest for amateur photographers. I was a little nervous about sending in an entry, but if I don't enter something, there is no way I can win. Right?

Here's the description of what the judges are looking for.

WHAT: We are looking for striking images of nature, or creatures on land and life beneath the water’s surface from anywhere in the world. These images may show animal behavior, portraits of wildlife in natural habitat, plant life, natural landscapes, weather or people interacting with nature. Essentially, any image that depicts nature in the opinion of the photographer is eligible.

I chose three (well, really two) pictures of G-Man "interacting with nature." Please vote on your favorite in the comments to help me decide which to enter. Thanks for your help!

Option #1:

Option #2:

Option #3:


ktb said...

Here is another contest you could enter.

LL said...

oh dear, love them all. I will go vote!

Whitney Johnson said...


Macy said...

Thanks, guys! I ended up submitting number 1. You can vote for me in the contest by clicking on the word "vote" by the picture in my sidebar.

Angela said...

They are both great, but I'm glad you submitted number 1. The colors are amazing. I think the color green just pops out more and draws people's attention. And you little guy looks so thrilled to be just sitting there watching the nature show. Love it! So cute! Great job!

Annie said...

#1 was the best. The last one in the dark water made me nervous for G-man. Look out for Nessie!

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