Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Wordle

Here is my Wordle. Molly posted this on her blog. So did cjane. It's pretty cool. Try it here. The software taps into your blog feed and creates this word cloud. Only, I don't think it pulls from all the blogs you have ever posted, but from the last 10 that are saved in the RSS feed. Why do I think this? Diggity isn't in the word cloud. And if it were pulling from all of my blog posts, there's no way his name wouldn't be there.

You can also type your own text. If you want certain words to be bigger, you just have to type them more often. I saw some cool designs in the gallery - scriptures, quotes, the opening of Romeo & Juliet. Fun stuff.


Shelley said...

Those would be great for Christmas cards or scrapbook pages! Thanks! :)

Whitney said...

Oh that is fabulous!

Thank you for sharing.


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