Friday, September 19, 2008

17 Months Old

Dear G-Man,

I used to think that this age sounded so far away. People have been asking me for a long time when you will be old enough to go to Nursery at church. 18 months sounded like an eternity, but you're almost that old. And while I'm looking forward to attending all of my meetings again, it makes me a little sad. Your dad and I get so excited for you to learn new things and often say, "I can't wait until he can do this" or "I can't wait until he can do that."

I can wait.

You're growing up way too fast.

I'm having a wonderful time, but it's just going too fast.

I'm really amazed at how quickly you continue to figure things out. Like today - we went on our walk and our neighbor brought her grandson's little bike out for you to play with. You knew just what to do. It frustrated you that your feet kept getting caught as you moved the bike along, but you kept trying. And you got really annoyed with your dad when he tried to help you. You kept turning around to see if he was holding on to the bike.

You're such a mimic. You say so many things now. Just today, your dad taught you to say "I know." It's adorable. And when Amanda was making faces at you tonight on iChat, you started making the same faces back at her. I also love it when you mimic my super sweet dance moves.

You've also developed quite a memory. We used to be able to distract you when you wanted to go somewhere we didn't want you to go or when you wanted something we didn't want you to have. Not anymore. You've gone on several crying rants this week when you didn't get what you wanted. It makes it pretty tough not to give in - we don't give in, mind you - but it makes it tough. Like when you wanted to go through the neighbor's yard to play with their basketball earlier this week. I wouldn't let you and you kept asking to go back even after we got home. You headed straight for their house again today, saying "ball, ball, ball" until I picked you up and took you back home. Crying.
And you're developing a little daredevil streak. You've started climbing up ladders to get to slides and you love to be upside down. Sometimes you throw yourself backward out of my arms because you want to play and it scares me a little because I'm worried about dropping you. Then you laugh and laugh. And this afternoon, you just dropped on your bottom on the floor. Just to see what would happen. It's pretty fun. It makes both your dad and I a little nervous (I think your dad gets more nervous than I do), but it's so much fun to see you having so much fun.

You and your dad are the lights of my life. I couldn't be more lucky or more happy.


P.S. We went to the doctor this week. At 34 inches tall (98th percentile) and 24 pounds 2 ounces (37th percentile) you're still tall and skinny. But you already knew that.


rebecca said...

cute, cute, cute! It DOES all go by too fast!

Molly said...

What a cute boy. We love you G-man!

Whitney said...

He is a adorable -- and your photos are terrific.

Stacie said...

Fun! Cute! What a great age. Carson was the same about being outside, especially if there was a ball involved. Oh wait. He still is that way...

Karyn Mann said...

You are such a good mom Macy!
Garrett is so handsome.
Why are those genes wasted on a toddler... tall and lean.. I bet he does not even appreciate it! :)

Emily said...

Thanks Macy!! I am not having the best mommy day and your post reminded me how much we love these little stinkers. I may have to copy your idea and write my own boys some letters.

Yvonne said...

He is growing way too fast.

What a cutie.

Amanda said...

Sporting the Microsoft goods again. Booyah.

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