Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Visit from KTB

We've had a pretty busy week this week. It's been fun to be busy at home instead of just traveling all the time!

We had a visitor this week - my cousin (well, first cousin once removed if you want to get technical) KTB came to stay with us on Wednesday night. She is very cool. We played Barbies together and jumped on our trampoline when we were little with our little sisters AnnDee and Molly. When we got older, we taught school together at the BEST JUNIOR HIGH IN THE LAND. She is blind-dating her way across the country on a road trip (Blind Dates Across America - BDAA for short) and we got to be one of the stops. (You can read about her BDAA adventures on her blog. It's a pretty cool idea, actually.) Here's a map of the stops on her road trip:
Pretty impressive, huh? P.S. - All the pictures are from KTB's blog.

We set KTB up with our friend Ben. He's in our ward, serves with Diggity in the Elder's Quorum and had one of the roles when I co-directed Savior of the World. He's a great guy and I knew he would show Katy a great time. They drove into Boston so she could see the sights - Fenway, Cheers, Quincy Market, the North End. I can't believe how much they saw in such a short period of time.
This is KTB.
Makin' their way in the world today took everything they've got.

This is Ben.
They took a break from all their worries. It sure did help a lot.

KTB had a great time and can't wait to come back to Boston. (It's a great place. You should all come visit.) We finished the evening with our laptops while we watched the Olympics and sent her off after breakfast at 5 and Diner. (I was attempting to have her miss the Boston rush hour traffic on her way down to her next stop in VA, but she hit traffic in the Baltimore area. Stooopid Eastern corridor...)

Safe travels KTB! Thanks for visiting!

KTB took this picture of us for her blog. I like it because it's one of the few pictures I have had taken
of me in the last few months where I don't look completely deformed or like I've been sucking on an air hose.
Thanks for getting a good pic, KTB!


Dana said...

Have you actually ever seen yourself after sucking on an air hose? I seriously doubt that...:) You're beautiful!

Yvonne said...

She sounds like a really fun person.

LL said...

sucking on an air hose? what the HECK? you're funny! cute little family...and fun to see Ben on the blog!

CentreStageTheatre said...

Sucking on an air hose?!?!?!?!? You crack me up

Michal said...

okay, for a second i thought that you and ktb actually played with barbies on THIS trip.
aren't cousins wonderful? i wish i saw mine more often. yours looks like lots of fun.

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