Sunday, August 10, 2008

Notes from New York - Saturday (Part 3)

Ahem. Apparently, I don't know what day it is. We arrived in NYC on Friday night, so my first NY post should have been Friday - not Thursday. And we went on the food tour and experienced our second blowout diaper on Saturday - not Friday. I don't want to go back and fix the titles and confuse all of you with RSS feeds. I now know what day it is and will title my posts correctly from now on. I must be losing brain cells from all the poopy diapers I've changed in the last three days. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

Back to SATURDAY night...

I read a lot of blogs. My favorites to read are those written by my family and friends. Many of my friends that live in NYC have blogs and at one point or another, all of them have mentioned a place called Shake Shack. They have raved about the food, accepted the reality of the long line, and basically say it is a must stop when visiting NYC. Since this trip seems to be all about the food in Manhattan, I told Diggity that we were going there for dinner once I saw we were a short 17 blocks away.

It was such a nice night, so we walked down to Madison Square Park and got in line.

The view from the back of the line

For the record - my friends are right and the wait is COMPLETELY worth it. Worth it for the burger alone. The fries were alright and I liked the shakes, but the burger was fantastic. As Diggity said, it rivaled In-N-Out. I promise he isn't speaking blasphemy either - it did rival In-N-Out.

After the wait in line and eating, it was quite dark when we started back to the hotel. We had a nice walk back.

This building overlooks Madison Square Park. It's beautiful.
Of course, our cheap camera took the best picture of it. Mine were all blurry.

Empire State Building.
They light it different colors in celebration of various events. The other side was lit in red, green and white. I said I thought it was some celebration of Italy, but this side confused me and I decided it was to honor the Olympics. I guessed they were the colors of the Olympic rings. Diggity disagreed. But I was partially right.

From the ESB lighting schedule:


Becca said...

That's pretty neat about the ESB lighting.
I absolutely second the Shake Shack. We went in Sept. '06 and agreed that the burger rivaled In-n-Out. We didn't wait in a long line...can't believe that line! I loved the eat outside, very kid friendly atmosphere.

Have fun in DC! Wes missed his hall buddy yesterday:)

Yvonne said...

Another place to put on my list of places to visit--especially if it rivals In and Out.

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