Sunday, August 10, 2008

Notes from New York - Friday (Part 2)

Before I continue, I have to say that the food tour is really great. Diggity and I had a great time. I'm very glad we decided to do it. Our tour guide, Ed was excellent and the tastings were fabulous and though we could have explored the Market on our own, it was fun to hear the stories of how it came to be and about all the owners behind the different stores.

After the Chelsea Market tour, Ed takes you on a walk through the meatpacking district and some of the restaurants that are there. Right outside the door of Chelsea Market on 10th Street are Craftsteak (Tom Colicchio's restaurant), Del Posto (Mario Batali's restaurant) and Morimoto. We went to Morimoto first. It is beautiful. (pics from the website. I was unable to take pictures...)

Isn't it lovely? White, pristine. Very Japanese minimalist style. The glass along the staircase is a whole bunch of bottles. I could have seen more of it in person, but remember this post from yesterday?


The poop fairy strikes again.

I went to pull G-Man out of his stroller when we were near the sushi bar (he had been so good - sitting in his stroller for 2 1/2 hours straight), I was greeted with the horrible smell again. No poop on my arm this time, but his shorts were soaked, the stroller was wet and my arm and shirt were now wet. Not poop, but some sort of liquid seeping from the diaper. I was rendered motionless. I just stood there trying to figure out what I was going to do standing in the pure white, gourmet restaurant with poop liquid all over me. Diggity still had some presence of mind and went to find me a bathroom. As you can imagine, they don't have changing tables in these sorts of restaurants, so I had to lay him down on the floor. Awesome.

I'm not sure what Ed the Tour Guide thought happened to us. We met up with the group downstairs, but G-Man still stank to high heaven, so I took him back upstairs and put him back in the wet stroller. Walking on the street wasn't so bad. Baby poop smell blends right in on the summer streets of New York City. Then we walked across the street to Del Posto, Mario Batali's 10 million dollar restaurant. We didn't blend in there. I felt horrible leaving the stroller at the door and carrying the smell into the restaurant. Glad we got to see it, but I don't remember many of the details about the restaurant.

After that, we continued through the meatpacking district. There are some amazing fashion designers with studios down there and this hotel is scheduled to open in the fall.

We'll never be able to afford to stay there, but it was fun to take pictures. (I like this one because the clouds are behind the hotel and reflected in the glass as well.) I took this shot while standing in front of Hogs & Heifers - the bar that inspired the movie Coyote Ugly.

When the tour ended, we went back to Chelsea Market to buy some yummy treats at Eleni's and Buon Italia. We figured G-Man wasn't going to smell much worse and he was in a clean diaper. Then we ended up walking back across town instead of taking a taxi. We needed to walk off the food and I didn't really want to enclose the smell in the back of a taxicab. Back to the hotel and into the tub!

This boy has had more baths on this trip than he usually has in a week.

We did end the day on a very high note...check back for Part 3!!

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Yvonne said...

More poop--poor guy. I think I would have caved it in at that point and just gone to the hotel. You are such a trooper (maybe a pooper trouper ; )

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