Friday, August 1, 2008

Mr. Toby

One of the joys of coming to Texas is that we get to see our grand-dog, Mr. Toby*.

*Diggity - I know we don't usually refer to him as our grand-dog. I wrote that sentence because I knew it would make Chris happy. :) I'm nice like that.

He is pretty adorable. I mean, check out those ears. You have to love that. What's not to love about Mr. Toby? (Typically pronounced "Mister Tow-beeee!" in the highest pitch you can make sound cute and adorable.)

G-Man LOVES playing with Toby. They are thick as thieves this week. Toby is very patient with being chased around as G-Man tries to grab his tail, and he sits very still while G-Man is learning to be gentle and pet him. G-Man laughs hysterically whenever Toby manages to lick his face and he's done the sign for "dog" this week more than I've ever seen.

G-Man doing the sign for dog - for the 134th time. This was the first day we arrived.

Mr. Toby - thanks for playing with G-Man. He's going to miss you when we go home.


Yvonne said...

Cute post--LOL at the "grand-dog" comment.

I've always thought Mr. Toby is such a cute dog.
I bet G-man must get such a kick out of him. Love that he loves to have him lick his face. Guess it's time that he had a dog all his own--maybe Grandma and Grandpa will have to get him one!!!! Of course, they Uncle Kyle will have to go live with you guys (he's always wanted a dog and his mean mom and dad wouldn't get HIM one.

Michal said...

you crack me up with the grand dog bit!

my boys are all terrified of dogs. it's really irritating, frankly. so i'm a bit jealous that g-man is such a fan. be glad.

Macy said...

Yvonne - I'm pretty sure Diggity will FedEx the dog right back to Kyle if G-Man ends up with a dog.

Michal - It is good that he loves dogs. And cats. He'll just never have one of his own. Especially now that it seems he is allergic like I am.

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