Thursday, August 28, 2008


Nie Nie Day has been so fun to read about on everyone's blogs today. If you haven't been over to Design Mom, go over and read through the list. It's overwhelming to see how many people have pitched in to help.

I bought this necklace. I'm excited about it. I keep getting outbid on some of the things I have my eye on, but I'm going to keep bidding for as long as I can afford it!

My sister Molly is helping out as well. Here's a quote from her blog entry:

In the blogosphere around the world, today has been declared Nie Nie day. Bloggers everywhere are coming together to support Nie Nie and her family after she and her husband were in a plane crash a few weeks ago. There are auctions going on all over the internet with proceeds going to support Nie Nie and her family's recovery. They are both still in intensive care at a hospital in Arizona. I don't know Nie Nie or her family, but I've started reading her blog since this tragedy happened and I've been touched by her story. Nie Nie's sister Jane makes me cry every time I read her blog.

I know all too well how hard it is to be bombarded with unexpected medical issues and expenses. Sometimes there is no way to recover without the help of others. So I've decided to help them and "pay it forward" for all the help we've received. As some of you know, I have a website,, and I sell binki clips for babies. I've decided to have a binki clip sale with ALL the proceeds going to Nie Nie and her family. Today through Saturday, all clips are $5 with free shipping and handling.

Get full details on how to get one of Molly's clips AND help the Nielson's by clicking here.

Or, check out this great idea.

Or, just donate by clicking on this button:


Stacie said...

Macy, thank you for posting all of this. I hadn't ever followed the links on your blog, but I've been reading up a little on this story for the past 20 minutes or so and am SO touched. What a beautiful family, and beautiful couple. I will be checking to see how they're doing. Thanks again!

Becca said...

I started bidding early and then things picked up once MST folks woke up:):) I've been outbid everywhere! I love the lunch with Nie Nie idea. I think I'll do that. As sad is this story is, there is a lot of inspiration in her blog, Jane's, and the outpouring of support.
Thanks for the post!

Whitney said...

Macy --

A few things.

1) Would you be willing to share with me the code for including 'Take me to your Reader'. I love that, and my code isn't working.

2) Thank you again for the story on NieNie. I am posting about this right now. Is it accurate that the hive of activity around the auctions is at design mom? Or or somewhere else?

3) I love Sarah Jane's work. Would you introduce me to her?


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