Friday, August 22, 2008

Family History Picture Wall

While reading blogs one day, I saw this post and thought it was a great idea. But then, I didn't think about it again.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago when I was walking around HomeGoods looking for a mirror to hang in our dining room. I saw some neat collage frames and thought it would be fun to decorate the opposite wall in our dining room with black and white photos. Then, I remembered the family tree picture post and the rest is history.

Presenting...our family history picture wall!

My family pictures hang on the left side. Pictures of parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. I loved that I found some pictures of when they were younger to mix in with the pictures from the present.

Diggity's family is on the right side. Pictures of parents, grandparents and a couple of great-grandparents. I completed this project while he was gone and I couldn't figure out which pictures I should print for some of the great-grandparents. I'll fix it eventually. Though I don't know which pictures I would replace. I really love them all.

G-Man loves looking at pictures already. I've always loved decorating with photographs, but it seems really important for him to be surrounded by the faces of the people who love him even though he doesn't get to see them every day. In this case, I wanted him to also be familiar with the faces of those whose legacy he needs to strive to live up to.


Yvonne said...

They look great--you must have lots of wall space. I just have way too many windows ; (

I am so intrigued by that vinyl element link you put on that last post. I looked at everything there and now have something else to put on my list of things I need to be working on--thanks a lot!!!!

By the way, I was the "von" in the comment on that post.

Molly said...

Excellent idea! I love the collage frames. They look great with the cool orange wall.

Macy said...

Thanks, you guys! I like the way it turned out. I guess we do have a lot of wall space between our windows. All the space is odd in shape, so I've had to stare at it a lot to figure out what to do. Amanda helped inspire the collage frames, actually. I forgot to put that in the blog entry. (I wrote it a few days ago.) She was looking for collage frames when we were shopping in Texas, and I thought collages might work in the dining room. THEN the family history idea came. :)

Becca said...

Your DR collage wall looks great! I've got a family history collage wall and my kids love it too. I think it's a great way for our kids to put faces to names of their ancestors and remember them more often.
Gotta love Homegoods:)

Katie said...

Love your blog... and love your wall ideas! I am so going to copy them (after this baby comes and I've recovered) I especially love the the one with your last name in vinyl... where did you get that? Thanks for commenting on our blog... I love comments. I'm adding yours to our links and will check back often.

Grammy said...

Love it - what a great idea and it looks great too! Hmm - do I have any wall space left to do something like this?

Michal said...

looks so great. as do your pictures in the previous post. when can you come and do mine? my walls are annoyingly empty.

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