Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Auctions for Nie Nie

To say this story has been in the center of my thoughts for the past week and a half is a complete understatement. One of the things I love about blogging is the chance to learn from and get to know others - even if I have never met them in person.

I've been reading cjane's blog for a while and started reading her sister Nie Nie's blog out of curiosity. I love reading both of them and felt a bit more than an anonymous blog connection to the two of them because they grew up near my cousins KTB and AnnDee and know several of my friends. When I heard of the plane accident that Nie Nie, her husband, and her husband's flight instructor (who passed away later that night) were involved in, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. They have four small children and are in for months and months of recovery from the burns they sustained in the accident.

Help is coming from all over the blogging community. One of the biggest events is occurring tomorrow. Design Mom has dubbed tomorrow Nie Nie Day and is holding a huge silent auction on her blog. Almost 100 crafters and bloggers are holding concurrent auctions, including my friend Sarah Jane. So, get out your wallet and bid on something tomorrow. And if you lose the auction, take the money you were planning to bid with and just donate it here:

And if you need a little uplift and some great perspective, read this post. And keep checking back with cjane for updates. I know I will.


LL said...

Macy. I'm so with you on this. cJane is my favorite blog ever. I feel like we're old friends. So, when I tell people about this plane crash and all, I have to fight not to say "my good friends" because I love them. :)
I agree, they've been on my thoughts for the last couple weeks.
Good for you for setting this up!

Yvonne said...

I was linked to this right after the accident and have been following the updates. My heart certainly goes out to all of them.

I'm glad you posted the link.

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