Thursday, July 10, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 12

Because I didn't get this watched until this morning, You Tube videos are available.  The links are there with the names of the dancers if you want to watch (or re-watch) the routines.

First Routine:
Chelsie & Mark (Salsa) - Great opening to the show.  Fantastic routine and these two just perform so well together.
Comfort & Thayne (Hip Hop) - Meh.  Thayne was still smiling an awful lot, but he did a better job than I thought he would.  I can tell Comfort isn't used to dancing with a partner.  She just doesn't connect at all.  I'm pretty sure she's going home.  I'm sure Thayne will too, since he has been in the bottom 3 more than any of the other remaining boys.  Fun choreography, meh performance.
Jessica & Will (Contemporary) - Fantastic.  Great choreography and it was good to see that Jessica really can dance.
Courtney & Gev (Cha Cha) - Nice.  I loved Anya and Pasha last season and the number the two of them did on tour last summer was fantastic.  The costumers don't like to dress Courtney in full dresses, apparently.
Kherington & Twitch (Krump) - I'm not usually a fan of krump routines, but I loved Twitch on this one.  I'm glad the judges pointed out what happened to Kherington near the end when she got tired.  I quit watching her and couldn't figure out why.  I love when Mia says dances are dirty.  It makes me laugh.
Katee & Joshua (Viennese Waltz) - I liked this routine and I loved the concept matched with the song.  Joshua was clunky, but Katee was great.

Second Routine:
Chelsie & Mark (Broadway) - I love this song.  I was in this show and this was one of my favorites to sing.  Fun routine.  Is it me, or are the girls wearing less clothing this year?
Comfort & Thayne (Contemporary) - I really thought Thayne did a good job on this one.  He was really trying hard to connect with Comfort and was getting nothing back.  Beautiful choreography.
Jessica & Will (Quickstep) - First, a sidenote.  I can't believe how many routines these ballroom choreographers mange to prepare each week.  I love that they did this routine to "American Bandstand."  I love Barry.  Again, Will was amazing and Jessica was back to moments of brilliance intermingled with just doing the steps.
Courtney & Gev (Jazz) - A Mandy Moore prop jazz routine.  Pretty good one.  Not as memorable as Mandy's routine with the shirt last week, but a fun routine.  Gev and Courtney do perform well together.  Interesting to see what happens next week when they will likely get separated.  Assuming they stay on.
Kherington & Twitch (Tango) - In theory, this seemed like it should have been a great routine, but it didn't feel as sharp as it should have.  I didn't feel like they were really mad at each other.  Maybe they used up all their anger krumping.  
Katee & Joshua (Bollywood) - Interesting that they chose this style to feature on the show.  It's fun, joyful dancing and I thought they did a good job.

Bottom 3 - Comfort & Thayne, Jessica & Will, and maybe Kherington & Twitch.  Not sure on the third.

Going Home - Comfort & Thayne.  Or maybe Jessica & Thayne.  I think they want to get rid of Comfort more at this point.  


Stacie said...

Ok, so much to say, I think I will number:

1) I am so glad to hear that someone else felt the way I did about Comfort last night: she does not partner well. She NEVER looks at Thayne. I thought the hip hop number especially was horrible. Thayne actually did a pretty good job, and also kept looking at her and trying to connect, but it would have been awesome if she would have poked her head out from her own world.

2) Even though Will IS awesome, and even thought Jessica pales in comparison to him, she's not bad. I hated when Mia was all, "You're tired of carrying Jessica through this competition. You're tired. You're tired. Will, you're tired. Did I say you're tired?" I wish he would have said something to defend how rude that was toward his partner.

And 3) I loved the Bollywood number.

Sorry to leave such a lengthy comment. My two kids are napping. At the same time. And I feel like I have all the time in the world.

Macy said...

I felt badly for Jessica when Mia made that comment too. I don't think Jessica is a bad dancer either. I've been surprised that instead of rising to the occasion and becoming more confident with a partner like that, she's grown insecure. I think that is where the comment originated from. Mia doesn't seem to have much patience for people who aren't authentic or who are insecure. Enjoy the double napping! That's fabulous!

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