Thursday, July 10, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 12 Results

Opening Number - 
I heart Tabitha & Napoleon.  I wasn't sure I liked them at first, but I do.  And I liked this group number a lot.  The light up sleeves could have been cheesy, but I thought it worked.  

Bottom 3 Couples - 
Comfort & Thayne (No surprise.)
Jessica & Will (Not a huge surprise.)
Kherington & Twitch (WHAT?! I'm mildly surprised.  I guess they did get some negative comments on the tango.)
Thayne is done.  Poor kid.  Not sure if it's Comfort or Jessica yet.  

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performs as the special group tonight.  Three amazing men dancing to Billy Porter - one of my favorite singers.  Good as it gets.

Solos - 
Comfort - Boring.  I'll be very surprised if she stays.
Thayne - He did such a good job and it really was an amazing solo, but he's still going to go home.  He earned an above the head clap from Mia
Jessica - It was alright.  She's a great dancer.  
Will - Like Cat said, I'm glad we got to see him dance.  That was fantastic.
Kherington - Another OneRepublic song, but an amazing solo
Twitch - Kind of a classical conductor hip hop riff.  Seriously cool.

I hate the song being performed right now while the judges deliberate.  That's all I'll say.

Results - 
Girls first.  Kherington is safe.  No brainer.  Now to Comfort and Jessica.  I disagree with Nigel - I thought Comfort's solo was boring.  And Comfort is going home.  She doesn't seem too surprised.  Like Mia said, America has been telling you something and you haven't been listening.

Boys next.  Twitch is safe.  Another no brainer.  Will is also safe.  Poor Thayne.  I would have loved for them to lose two girls and keep all the boys.  The girls are so much weaker than the boys this year.

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