Tuesday, July 15, 2008


G-Man got a haircut in Utah. The lady who was cutting it remarked on how still he was sitting and asked if this was his first haircut.

Ummmm.....nope. But I think it was his 7th or 8th. Or maybe his 10th. He's been getting haircuts for a while.

I was reminded today of G-Man's first haircut after reading a post about my friend's baby. Though it is traditional to wait until babies are one to cut their hair, we laugh in the face of tradition. So, we cut his hair when he was 6 weeks old.

Before you judge me, look how horrible his hair looked. He had a Mohawk and a mullet at the same time. I have nothing against either hairstyle, but they should not be attempted on the same head at the same time. He had a bald spot between the two. It was not cute. HE was cute, but the hair was not.

In this picture, it looks like he is also sporting a combover.


In all its glory. As you can see, he is bald, other than the mohawk/mullet.

I took these pictures when he turned 1 month old and was dying to cut his hair for the next two weeks. On Memorial Day weekend, we took G-Man and Amanda to the Joseph Smith birthplace memorial in Sharon, VT. I rode in the backseat with G-Man, and after looking at his hair the entire drive there and back, I decided it needed to be cut.

Before attempting such a rash, crazy thing, we called Aunt Wendy to make sure it was okay. (Don't worry, she's a trained hair follicle professional. To prove this, here's a picture of her cutting G-Man's hair when we went to Indiana in June.)

"I love haircuts!"

Aunt Wendy's blessing was all the encouragement I needed. Be gone, mullet and mowhawk!

Rest in peace, mohawk

So handsome and happy!

His hair grew in evenly and aside from his crazy, swirling cowlick, he has a pretty great head of hair. So, if you need permission to cut your baby's hair, call me. I'd be happy to talk you into it.


Yvonne said...

It's funny I don't ever remember waiting to a year--except for maybe Heidi--I could have even waited longer for her as she had her dad's hair ; )

Macy said...

I think it is usually with girls that people wait that long. Or longer. I'm sure G-Man's hair would have fallen out at some point. I just wasn't willing to wait that long.

Rebecca said...

Such boldness!! You mean you didn't cry? Didn't think your babe was growing too fast? Didn't have bad dreams of being punished with alopetia? Thank you then. Thank you for the vote of confidence. Thanks for getting in touch with us--Levi says lovely things about you.

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