Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why I Love David Archuleta

I was looking at Rickey.org earlier today and came across this video of David Archuleta singing "Be Still My Soul." I started listening to it and then clicked to the original video at You Tube and got the story behind the video. (You Tube text in italics - the author, Richard, is a friend of David's who has been helping arrange music for him for the last few years.)

David Archuleta sings "Be Still My Soul" at LDS fireside on Sunday, June 1st 2008

Hey there, I just wanted to pass on a cool experience I had last night. Yesterday I got a phone call at about 3:18 pm from the Archuleta's. I was asked if I would be available to play for David for a fireside that he was speaking in the next couple of hours. Brett Hales, a friend of the Archuleta's, was asked to speak on trials and how to overcome them. Brett has M.S. and was on a feeding tube less than six months ago and could have been counting his final days, but miraculously now is up and about and doing pretty darn good. He decided to bring David along to share. So, I cancelled everything from my busy Sunday evening, loaded up the kids, and went to this fireside, which was held at a school for troubled youth. It is a 10 month in-house program that helps these kids 'right the ship'. What was interesting about all of this: most of them had never seen David sing because they don't watch T.V. there. This was their first experience of hearing him. David sang "Angels" and "Be Still My Soul" and did an incredible job of telling of his experience on American Idol. I was fortunate to accompany David on both songs. Be Still My Soul is an arrangement that I did for David a while back. When he sang it, you could just feel the Spirit come over the room. The directors of the school were in tears, because they said these kids don't feel this way very often. It is hard for them to feel the Spirit or recognize it because of their current state and their attitudes. But, it was more than evident that they did. You could see it in their eyes and I can only pray that they find the desire to have it in their lives even more. David was also so good to stay and talk to everyone who wanted to. He signed autographs, took pictures, and just gave words of encouragement for almost an hour and a half. It was so awesome to see his willingness to share. Anyhow, Enjoy! Richard

David is home in Utah resting before the AI Tour rehearsals and tour start. After months away from home, instead of spending a Sunday night at home with his family, he goes instead to share his talent with others. In my opinion, that's why he sounds like he does. He's a good steward over his talents. He knows where his gift to sing comes from and he acknowledges that by being willing to share it. This is such an important principle to me, I'm tearing up typing about it and I find it difficult to adequately put into words why I think this is such a great thing. Anyway, just wanted to share.

P.S. The music to "Be Still My Soul" is by Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and is actually called "Finlandia." It's the unofficial anthem of Finland. This You Tube video of David was posted yesterday and according to Rickey.org, it was all over the press in Finland today that one of the American Idols is singing their song. Read about it here.


Michal said...

thanks for sharing. even though i don't generally like the hymns when they are sung "pop", that was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. it has long been one of my favorite hymns, and one that i turn to when going through a trial.

Nana said...

Rats! I got a "no longer available" when I tried to watch this. Do I not know how to do it?

Macy said...

Michal - glad you liked it. One of the reasons I don't like when people sing hymns in a pop style is because I feel like they are doing it to show off their voice instead of singing who they are in a worshipful way. I don't think David was trying to show off his voice. In fact, I don't think he ever sings to show off his voice. Which is why I like it so much.

Nana - There should be a triangle play button right in the middle of the screen. If it doesn't work, it could be a problem with the browser you are using. I just checked You Tube and the video is still there and still available.

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