Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Random Catch Up

So, I've composed a lot of blogs in my head over the past few days, but haven't had the time to commit them to the blogosphere. To catch up, I thought it would be easiest to just bullet point some of the things that have happened and that I have been thinking about.
  • These are the cutest kids ever and I'm really glad we get to see everyone together soon in Hawaii. And I'm super glad Amanda is staying with us right now.
  • It's way too hot in New England right now. We came from the way too hot Midwest to find that home was no better. Yuck.
  • Summer pajamas are the best things ever. I remember going with my SIL Emily to buy some for my nephew last summer and couldn't see the allure. I can now. I would make G-Man wear them all day if I could.

  • I'm teaching a group voice class right now and I'm really enjoying it. The nice part is I'm learning a lot about myself and my own voice.
  • My azaleas are AMAZING this summer. I was starting to worry that they weren't blooming because I pruned them drastically last summer, but they're blooming and they're beautiful. (Yes, this is a real picture of my actual azaleas that I took with my awesome new camera.)

  • My lawn, however, is a ridiculous mess. I haven't been here to mow it and the weeds are so tall because it has been so warm. Fingers crossed that I can mow tomorrow afternoon during G-Man's nap (if it isn't too sweltering).
  • School is over. Woo hoo!
  • G-Man and I just got home from Indiana where we attended the wedding of Diggity's nephew. (His other nephew also graduated from high school in Indiana on Thursday, but I couldn't get there because of my final school program.) I'll post some pictures. It was fun to see family and I do love the hills of Southern Indiana.
  • G-Man suddenly likes books. I couldn't be more thrilled - other than now I spend a great deal of time listening to him grunt and follow me around with books. I'm happy to read them, but I could do without the grunty whining noise.

  • If you need a show to watch besides SYTYCD this summer, check out Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods on MTV. I love a good Broadway reality show and what makes this one even better is that my friend Paul Canaan is one of the judges. So fun to watch.
  • G-Man is sick today, and I've been plodding through the day by thinking, "I'll get to watch SYTYCD tonight after he goes to bed. Hang on." But, alas, it is on tomorrow and Thursday. I'm still stuck in the AI airing schedule, I guess.

    LL said...

    little summer pj's ARE the best..he looks so cute.
    LOVE the photo with the new camera-gorgeous!

    Yvonne said...

    Sorry to hear G-man is sick. Hope he is feeling better soon.

    I always love little kids in summer pajamas.

    I can't wait for Hawaii.

    Michelle said...

    Totally addicted to the Legally Blonde reality show. I won't put all my thoughts on it down here (eek!), but I will say that I thought of you when I saw that Paul was one of the judges. Fun!

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