Tuesday, May 6, 2008

American Idol - Top 4

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame night. They are choosing from a list found in the museum of the songs that shaped rock and roll. Nice to have such a wide variety of music to choose from. And tonight the judges are commenting after every performance tonight. No doubt to help Paula avoid further embarrassment.

Here we go!

David Cook
"Hungry Like the Wolf"
Diggity says "BO-RING." I was listening from the kitchen while he sang. It sounded fine, but it seemed a little karaoke-like. The judges agree with Diggity. He could have done much more with that song.

"Baba O'Reilly"
Diggity says, "Interesting choice." Me, I'm not familiar with this song. "Pinball Wizard" is about as far as I go into the Who catalog. He sounded awesome going into the chorus and then the first "teenage wasteland" was quite pitchy. I liked the song though. I thought he sounded great. Can Paula see souls?

Syesha Mercado
"Proud Mary"
Gutsy choice. She's been picking some big songs. This could be good or this could be dreadful. (Listening) It was pretty good. I loved the slow part at the beginning. I kind of wish she had kept that tempo throughout the arrangement. I did not like her vocals in the second half when she picked up the tempo. She started the up tempo part out okay, but then she started yell-singing.
And it was a little shrill at the end. Thank you Simon for agreeing with me on that point.

"A Change is Gonna Come"
Diggity and I both had the same comment when Syesha was introducing her song. Civil rights movement and you on American Idol? Interesting correlation...She looks great. She's trying pretty hard. She pushed out some notes a little too hard at the end. She got it back. Paula gave her a standing ovation and Carly Smithson is behind Paula also giving her a standing ovation. Awww...Paula made Syesha cry. And Simon liked it too.

Jason Castro
"I Shot the Sheriff"
At least Jason knew one of the songs on the list this time. Of course it's a Bob Marley song. This could be good or it could be dreadful. (Listening) It was dreadful. I'm not going to be as cruel as Simon and repeat the things he said, but I do agree with what he said. Especially the part about not messing with that song. Please go home.

"Mr. Tambourine Man"
He's picking some big shoes to fill tonight. Bob Marley and Bob Dylan? Gutsy. HE FORGOT THE LYRICS! Holy mackerel. That was a big lyric slip. He didn't sing it very well either. People. Let's put him out of his misery and me out of mine. Don't feel sorry for him and vote for him. Paula is being nice just to be nice. And that is why no one takes her seriously.

David Archuleta
"Stand By Me"
This is a good song choice for him. Simon will likely give him crap for that. (He didn't. Good.) David sounds amazing. I'm trying to be picky and I just can't hear anything wrong. Loved the little Sean Kingston tag there at the end. That was a smart addition. And he sang it to the rhythmically challenged mosh pit of girls in the front. Also smart. The falsetto then going back into his mix at the end was FABULOUS.

"Love Me Tender"
I found out from the Idolsphere that this arrangement was done by Norah Jones. I like it. It's nice just having the piano. Kind of a flat note there in the middle on the word "all." That's a tough word to sing on a high note. Other than that, it was excellent. Another good use of his falsetto. Best quote from Simon, "You didn't beat the competition tonight David, you crushed it." Woo hoo!!!


I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. I know what should happen, but that doesn't mean it will. Jason needs to go home, people. He's terrible. He's lasted at least two weeks longer than he should have.

I am a little concerned that the producers are setting up a Daughtry-esque SHOCK ELIMINATION! They put David Cook first tonight and he was good, but he wasn't great. I'm glad Ryan mentioned that fact at the end when the voting lines were opening.

The only thing I am pretty sure of is that David Archuleta will be safe tomorrow. I could be proven wrong, but I feel pretty safe in declaring that prediction. I also think Syesha will be safe. Why? Because there has never been an all male top 3. I think the producers worry about ratings when they don't have a woman there in the top 3. Thus, I think Syesha is safe. And deservedly so.

In short, I think David Cook and Jason Castro will be in the bottom 2. And I'm hopinghopinghopinghopinghoping that Jason goes home tomorrow night.


Whitney said...

Thanks Macy.

I'm in Mexico so I didn't see the show....

Now that Brooke's gone, may David or David win!

Nana said...

I missed it too - well, it was on almost mute while I took a phone call. I may go on line and hear David A.
Loved the video of G-Man.

emily said...

Holly mackerel is right!!! Maybe he should smoke less pot. By the way Isaac says holly mackerel all the time and then he looks at me and says "Neal says that" cute.

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