Friday, April 18, 2008

Thanks Grandma Carol and Grandpa Ken!

Yesterday, Garrett received a box in the mail from Ohio. Grandma Carol and Grandpa Ken like to spoil the G-Man. We were told that we might be receiving a drum set in the mail (Grandpa Ken likes to spoil, but he also likes to tease me.) :) What we got in the mail was awesome. I let G-Man open the box early.

He already received some awesome clothes from Grandma Kimmie (He is wearing one of the shirts in the video and pictures. Grandma K. also sent him the fantastic birthday shirt that he is sporting today.) and some money for his savings account from Great-Grandma Robison and Grandpa Allan and Grandma Yvonne. (Thanks, everybody!) But this was the first box with birthday stuff that he could play with right away. So, we opened it. It was fun. I can't wait until he opens his toys later today.

Here is some video of the toys on their initial outing. (He has continued to play with them all day today. He took the bear to bed with him last night and was saying "Hi" to it when he woke up this morning.)

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Shelly Ru & Tigger Too! said...

Wo-oa-oah, your voice sounds so different.

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